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(At the palace, King Gbadegeshin, the Iyalode and his council-chiefs are all seated in deliberation. In walks Dongari; the palace head-guard with some men and Ifedunni; the village harlot)

Dongari: (breathing heavily)
Your Highness we caught her with his manhood in her mouth.

Chiefs: (chorusly)

King Gbadegeshin: what possibly could his manhood be doing in her mouth?

Chief Otun: (stands)
we should ask the man himself why he allowed his manhood to be in her mouth.

(Chief Otun sits)

Dongari: the problem is that he is deaf and dumb.

Chiefs: (chorusly)

King Gbadegeshin: If that be the case, then she should be able to tell us what this is all about.
(turns to Ifedunni)

Ifedunni: Your Highness! The act is indescribable by me, I can only show you and then you can describe it

Chief Osi: you mean to say, you want the King to (coughs) emm in your mouth?

Ifedunni: (nods three times)
that’s the best way to explain the act.

Chiefs: (chorusly)

Iyalode: (in a mocking gesture)
perhaps, Chief Osi can volunteer to have his manhood in her mouth for us to know what this act is all about.

Chief Osi: (shaking his head)
and what face will I wear before your eyes? What will I tell my wife at home, that my manhood has find succour in another woman’s hole,
(spits on the ground)
ridiculously not the one between the legs but in the head.

(Ifedunni kneels before the king)

Ifedunni: Your Highness! If you allow me, you won’t regret it. There is nothing sweeter in experience than have your manhood in a woman’s mouth.

Chief Otun: (stands quickly)
shut up your mouth! That’s total rubbish, very immoral.
(pointing to the area where his manhood is)
Our manhood is meant for only the haven between our woman’s thigh and not the mouth.

(Chief Otun remains standing)

(Dongari comes closer to the throne)

Dongari: Your Highness! If permitted, I’ll volunteer mine to the experiment, to confirm the act of this wild woman.

King Gbadegesin: (pointing at Ifedunni)
Is this woman married to any man?

Iyalode: (shakes head)
She is an harlot, her body is for any man with cowries enough to pay for it.

Chiefs: (chorusly)

King Gbadegesin: (Nodding head and smiling)
as the ruler of this Kingdom, is it not my obligation to protect my people especially from unknown events?
(Stands up)
How is this any different, I’ll volunteer to confirm this act.

Chiefs: (chorusly)
(All falls flat to the ground including Chief Otun)
(Chief Otun stands up and sounding shocked)

Chief Otun: impossible Your highness, we don’t know what this act is all about and what this woman have in plan.
(at the other chiefs)
We cannot subject our King to an unknown fate.

(Silence…slowly the other chiefs find their seats)
(The Chiefs whisper among themselves in deliberation)
(Chief Osi clears throat)

Chief Osi: exactly! Appoint any of us to do it, or better still, let’s permit Dongari to perform the unknown act with her.

(A Long Silence…curtain falls)


(Night. At Chief Otun’s house. Chief Otun is on the bamboo bed with his wife)
(Chief Otun sits up on the bed and turn to his wife)

Chief Otun: Ashake, you won’t believe what happen at the palace today o

(Ashake throws the blanket over herself)

Ashake: Not again this night, whatever it was that happen is none of my business. Spare me the tale and let me rest.
(turn her back at him)

(Chief Otun reaches for her…and in a teasing tone)

Chief Otun: What do you think of it if I ask you to put my manhood in your mouth?

Ashake: (jump out of bed putting her hand over her mouth in fear)
Ah! What ridiculous thing is that?

Chief Otun: (points at his wife)
O ho! Thought you don’t want to hear my story, hmmm?

Ashake: (knots her wrapper tightly…and sits beside her husband)
who did such shameful thing happen to?

Chief Otun: Shameful?! Ehn! She was really so confident about the act o. She kept telling us she cannot describe it except someone volunteer his manhood for the experiment.

Ashake: (claps her hands several times)
I have never heard of such act before, not when we have men like you who don’t even cut the forest between their legs, many won’t even bath for days.
(squeeze face)

Chief Otun: (stands up and un-tie his wrapper exposing his manhood before his wife)
O ho! You can’t put it in your mouth but you can beg us to deep it into that eternal darkness, that slippery hole that falls all men?
(sits back on the bed)
Ehn! Women like Ifedunni should be applauded for going extra miles to please a man.

Ashake: Awu! You mean that harlot was the one who put your manhood in her mouth?
(Draw closer to him)

Chief Otun: (sounds angry)
watch your mouth woman! I never said I was the one who volunteered, it was a deaf and dumb man she was caught with, and when she cannot describe it, the King…

Ashake: (eyes wide open)
Ah, The King!

(pull her to himself and cover her mouth with his hand and in a low tone)

Chief Otun: You better not get yourself in trouble, did I said the King did anything?

(Ashake brushes his hand away from her mouth and in a low tone)

Ashake: Who then was the sacrificial lamb for her festival of shameful act?

Chief Otun: We heard deep groans and moans behind the veil, and then the terrifying moment of, ‘it’s coming! It’s coming’, and then-
He ran out naked unknowingly, sweating profusely, Iyalode could not stand the sight, she took off immediately.
(laugh sarcastically and falls on his wife but soon stop with caution).

(Ashake pushes him away)

Ashake: Since you’ve tactically refused to unveil the mystery man who volunteered, and I hope it was not you?
(raise brow)
Was he able to describe the act?

Chief Otun: (shaking his head)
That was the most sober part of it all, he could not describe the act, he was lost for words, he just sat there looking like a dead tree.
(stands up and stretched himself like a dead wood)
And this made me to make up my mind that I am going to perform same act with you.
(sits back on the bed and puts his arms around his wife)
I want to see how it feels to have a manhood in a woman’s mouth.

(Ashake pushes him off)

Ashake: Did I hear you well?
(Stands to her feet)

(Chief Otun stands up too)
Chief Otun: Yes! You clearly heard me.
(Holds his manhood in his hand)
As your husband, I am asking you to put my manhood in your mouth, I must confirm what this indescribable act is all about.

Ashake: (in a high tone)
You must be joking!

(A sudden shout from nearby, and then follow by a bang on their door)

Iya Pelumi: (out of breathe)
Chief! Chief!! Ashake! Help ooooo, my husband has gone mad tonight.
(Iya Pelumi continues to bang the door)

Chief Otun: that’s Iya Pelumi’s voice
(run to open the door, Ashake follows behind…Iya Pelumi runs inside)

Chief Otun: (startled)
Woman why the cry at this hour of the night, who or what is after you, And why speak of madness?

Iya Pelumi: (panting) Your friend has gone mad tonight!
(Fidgets about)

Chief Otun & Ashake: (chorus)

Iya Pelumi: Chief Osi; your friend insisted he want his manhood in my mouth just as we were about to sleep for the night.

(Ashake and Chief Otun look at each other in surprise. Chief Osi emerges from a corner out of breathe)

Ashake: (hands akimbo)
What in the gods name is wrong with all our men tonight? Why this sudden sick appetite of having their manhood in our mouth?

(Iya Pelumi was shock, look at Chief Otun)

Iya Pelumi: (Speaking to Ashake)
He asked you for same thing?

Chief Osi: (surprised…and speaking to Chief Otun)
Ah! Even you?

Chief Otun: What’s ah?
(Spreads his two hands)
Am I not better than a Chief who chase his wife down the road in the night crying for the indescribable act like a starved dog?

Chief Osi: And when did our wives also start refusing the words of their husbands, did we not pay their price to do our biddings?

Ashake: (at Chief Osi)
You should be ashame of yourself!

Iya Pelumi: (pointing at the area of Chief Osi manhood)
He does not shave, that place looks scary?

Ashake: (laugh..and points at her husband)
they are all the same.

Chief Osi: (looks at his wife with disdain)
That’s not the news of the moment. If you won’t allow me, I’ll go pay the harlot to do the indescribable with me

Chief Otun: As stupid as that suggestion can be, I concur
(move closer to his friend)

Ashake & Iya Pelumi: (chorus)

Iya Pelumi: Has it come to that?

Chief Otun: They say nothing is sweeter to a man compare to the act.
(At Chief Osi)
Since our wives won’t, then we have no choice than to go pay to satisfy our curiosity with whoever will

Chief Osi: We just want to know what this indescribable act is all about, that even after the act our King could not describe it.
(cover his own mouth in shock)

Iya Pelumi & Ashake: (chorus)
Ah! The King!

(Long Silence….they all stand there staring at each other)

…………………………THE END…………………

This play is beyond the humour and the yoruba epic settings, its way beyond the sexual thought of a blowjob scenerio as it so seem on the surface, the short play cut across the sphere of life and how it affect every lives trying to figure out humanity.

I won’t bore you with long lines of seemly endless words, but the drama apply to us all in various ways.
Can you really describe how it feels when you put your all; what makes you who you are into every piece of the puzzle called life; from family, to career, education, job, religion, society, government etc? How do you describe what life put you through or throw your way?
Life is one pretty whore (Ifedunni *love {life} is a precious possession), she cannot tell you how it feels to go through her but she want us all to experience it and then make our judgement. To some the experience is fun, and others its just the opposite, but one thing is common to all- curiosity!

I bet you; as many reading this play to go back and read this short drama again, I could not also see what life wanted me to see at the initial stage of the play, but along the line the message became clearer. Life beckons to all to come have an experience of your manhood (the totality of your existence) in her mouth, so you can make your own judgement of life. Take that leap of faith, give it all. ‘Whatever is worth doing at all, is worth doing well’, don’t leave your life to chance and curiosity, to whatever your ambition is, or what move you’re about to make in life, that big step that seem so frightful and unpredictable (the indescribable act) give it all you got, you never can tell what your own story will turn out to be. It may not be the bad one, because no matter how life treat us all, we should believe its all for a bigger purpose, you may not understand it, but we are all following the pattern fate has drawn for us all- there are two sides to a coin.

Before you go crucifying the play base on your perspective, I hope I’ve been able to channel your thoughts towards a more deeper picture than your intial view of my play. Manhood in the mouth, what’s your own story, can you describe the act?

( Talesmen Literature )



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ACT 2, Scene 1

(Curtain lifted)
Light falls on…

*****A seat away at a corner on a long huge log of palm tree, a gouge of palm wine sits like an idol on the floor before Shodimu who was seating on the log as he sip drink from a small calabash in his hand. Three or more logs where seen around, heap of small calabash unwashed lie at a side as flies merry about around it, and at a far end, closer to where Shodimu sat was a busy lady in a rafia tent, she must be the owner of the inn*****

SHODIMU: (sips and belch out loud) what a good day to challenge the god of wine to a duo, sure me to win (sips) are there better palm wine in the world than that of this inn, Moroyin is known also not for her beauty and precious gems, but also for wine and pretty maidens (laugh sarcastically) bring more pal…pa…palm wi…win…(Belch) palm wine

INN OWNER: (from within the tent) will you seize from belching so loud, don’t you think its so disgusting? (Hiss) on such a sunny afternoon, must you add the irritating tremor from the stinking  small round hole in your shapeless head to it, even my nose can perceive how it stinks (spit out from inside the tent)

SHODIMU: (laugh) your beauty and wine compliments each other so much that not even your hordes of insult haul at me will matter (belch again) I belch so loud that I even disturb the gods, but what will they do? (Laugh) I can’t die now, no, not yet, even death knows that for sure (sips) enough dying for today, am here to drain my bitterness in this gouge of wine, so your whip of insult can be tolerated (sips, turn towards the inn) Moroyin needs no death to pay us a visit by itself, Dikudi has chosen to do its bidden (turn head away and sip some more, driving flies away from perching on his calabash) not even the King is safe anymore (sigh)

(Entering is the proverbial’s drunkard, staggering here and there, hardly can he maintain a steady balance. A gouge in his hand from which he drinks his palm wine. Tattered and smelling, flies follow from behind and he careless what they gossip behind him as they buzz about)

TOMORI: (wave his hand behind him) why are my entourage so noisy today? Can’t you all gossip silently anymore? (Turn towards the tent) my bethroted, will I still your suitor be today or perhaps you might consider me for a spouse? (Smiles)

INN OWNER: (smile) definitely not today, may be you should try your luck again tomorrow (mocks him)

TOMORI: (sips) A man who seeks a treasure from the rock most be heedless to the wailing sound of the anguished looking axe. I’ll try more persuasion tomorrow (sips) heyy! You (pointing at Shodimu) I heard you mention that the King is not safe because of Diku…diku… (Peep in the direction of the four cardinal point) let me be sure am safe before calling the name of fear (sips and sat beside Shodimu) you know who I mean. Tell your plight, a little drop of water in turn, makes a mighty ocean, will you do me the honour of telling me what’s happening? (stare at him)

SHODIMU: (turn to look at who disturbs his moment of enjoyment) ah! Its you Tomori, useless drunk ever to live (squeeze his face) be gone from here and let peace stain the troubled ground (sip his drink)

TOMORI: aw! Its really you my friend (tries to hug him)

SHODIMU: (shove him away) get away from me you rejected piece of stinking rag (slaps his hand away) who in Moroyin’s pride is your friend? Are you so losing your mind to wine that you really don’t recognize or have respect for a royal person?

TOMORI: (looks around in a fearful gesture) I hope you are not referring to yourself as been royal? (Burst into laughter) Errand fool like you, the wine must have made you start day-dreaming, its true that when a leaf stays long in the bossom of a bleach; it ultimately becomes a bleach, Shodimu! Its a shame to see you behaving like the blurry-white coloured liquid in your hand (drinks his wine) I am better than you oh messenger! Atleast am free to roam where I chose, is it same for you? Is it not from an errand you so return? (Laugh)

INN OWNER: Can you both stop behaving like ladies and talk like men, I count my earnings and I need full concentration to do so (hiss) trouble no trouble else you get it double

TOMORI: What news have you of the Okuta mountain and its saga? (Sits to face Shodimu) What has Dikudi done this time again?

Shodimu: I saw it with my own two naked eyes how he tear through them like a raging storm, none of the royal guards could withstand him and his cohorts (sip wine) they were swift and fast, with just wooden clubs against spears and swords. All the royal treasure diggers ran for their dear lives (a man run pass where they sat) see! See! That should be one of the workers, I know them from the way they dress

TOMORI: Oh! The gods bless your sight, yet I hope some day like treasure they won’t demand the same (sip wine) you alone unlike most of us who dwell in Moroyin is priviledge enough to see the mountain, except for Dikudi who is violating the royal decree all in the name of ancestral heritage. I envy you Shodimu, you must have seen enough precious stones to build an empire of fortune (move closer to him and whisper) or have you been able to take some while you visit the end of the rainbow? (Smiles)

SHODIMU: Are you out of your senses? What if someone over heard your implicating accusation, don’t you know my head may lose its neck for it? (Push him away)

TOMORI: Haba! It was just but a sincere question. It is only a killer who quickly hide himself away at the sight of a cutlass, it is only he who have tasted sleeping that can describe the sweetness of death, why feel guilty of the crime you did not commit? (Clears throat mockingly)

SHODIMU: May all this your proverb not put you to trouble someday, let me be! I come here to ease my sight and heart of the horror I saw today, and yet you’ve come here with your own war of proverbs (drinks all that’s left of the palm wine in his bowl) my time to leave this hell for my paradise is come atlast (stand but staggered back in his seat)

INN OWNER: Shodimu! I heard that o. My own inn has suddenly become your hell after you’ve exhausted your miserable moment on my sweet palm wine, thought you said there’s no better inn in Moroyin aside this one? Indeed you are a double mouthed man so very unstable, its better you take your leave now

SHODIMU: You don’t have to tell or chase me, I’ll leave your inn for you (drop some cowries inside the bowl) here is your payment for service, am leaving for my paradise, to the palace my feet may now come to (stands again and struggle to maintain balance) to my home I go, onward to my haven of rest

TOMORI: Pitiful person like you know not grave from bed. (Shakes head) between the King and Dikudi we will see how it will all end, and am so sure that we will hear the tales from your mouth (laugh)

(Shodimu staggers out as Tomori mockingly laugh him)

*****Light Fades*****


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(light appears on stage revealing a sight of splendour. Princess Adeshewa pace about the court room, lost in deep thoughts of matter that caresses her soul. her right hand holds the royal horse tail and intermitently, she keeps hitting it on the left palm and soon she was making it up into a rhythmic beat that soon matches with her elegant steps. A group of singer’s voice was heard in background, as they sing to the rhythm of the beat Adeshewa created unconsciously.)
“O hear this tale of a damsel,
who is Fragile like the fowl’s egg,
The one beneath a village hill,
Her bossom she forbid all but one,
The one who lives in her night dreams,
This fearful thought beset her mind,
O damsel down a village hill,
When will that man of your dream come?
One to rule Moroyin’s Kingdom
One to rule your most precious heart”
Beat the wild drum
Let’s sing and hum
Tame the wild heart
Make a new start Adeshewa!
Orekelewa! Adeshewa! Arewa! (Beautiful)
Dudu osun (black bleach),
Adun’maradan (glittering ebony)
Adeshewa! Ireti Moroyin! (Hope of Moroyin)
O hear this tale of a damsel,
who is Fragile like the fowl’s egg,
The one beneath a village hill,
Her bossom she forbid all but one,
The one who lives in her night dreams,
This fearful thought beset her mind,
O damsel down a village hill,
When will that man of your dream come?
One to rule Moroyin’s Kingdom
One to rule your most precious heart
(Silence falls upon a damsel in distress.)
PRINCESS ADESHEWA: Of things Ifatoki speaks solely to me, it does disturbs my heart. Never have I set foot beyond the borders of Moroyin, yet he speaks of my star coming to know it place only when I have seen seven rivers and seven mountains (Ogunjimi walks in)

OGUNJIMI: Royal Princess! I salute with bravery and valour! On my return did I stumble on the final piece of your audible thought, of this I know surely that your heart is disturb, and if it be so, how can bravery find succor in the heart that knows no peace, you are suppose to be the happiness that grace our battle toils. Tell me Royal Princess, what trouble you so, perhaps my double edged sword can cut into it and save you from its distress? (Approaching from behind)

PRINCESS ADESHEWA: Never have I seen a man so bless in words and sword, you cut both ways. You’re such a man of dignity and honour, am glad you made it back from the battle. How did it go?

OGUNJIMI: Won’t it be well than I return? Ofcourse it ended in our victory, you’d have heard the drums and songs of victory if not that I order that they remain at the entrance of Moroyin while I hurry down to bear the King the good tiding (smiles) Warriors of Moroyin fought relentlessly, it was their bravery and skills that won us the war, although we sustained casualties and injuries, but we make sure they also return home bearing deep wounds of war; our token to them. Am sure they won’t dare raise eyes towards Moroyin for a long while (laugh)

PRINCESS ADESHEWA: I wonder what garment of confidence Jogbo Kingdom adorned themselves with to so believe they can win us in battle, have they forgotten that a frog who chooses to be like a cow will explode before the very eyes of shame? (Giggles) Men of Moroyin are not sucklings like them, am sure we earned their respect. I’ll bear your message to the King immediately, you can return and lead the men in, take the royal entertainers with you to usher our warriors into the kingdom. We must celebrate their services to this great kingdom (turn to walk away)

OGUNJIMI: (bow) Royal Princess! Your soothen words fall upon my listening heart, but I plead that you share your troubles with me, I saw the look of your face, they bear the distorted expression of a damsel in distress, of a maiden who seek a way on a lost path. If this lowly servant won’t be asking too much, please let me serve you by sharing in your troubles (bow yet again)

PRINCESS ADESHEWA: Oh Ogunjimi! You’re such a very interesting man. I appreciate your concerns and I respect your person, when the need for your assistance surface, I won’t hesitate to call to you (look into his eyes) am sure my answer did not still your tempest heart, then I’ll ask of you only this question. Tell me, how far would I have to go, to see seven rivers and seven mountains? (Moves closer to him)

OGUNJIMI: (raise eye brow) Seven rivers and seven mountains?! Why will my royal Princess ask for such, do you intend to make a journey? (Confuse yet) is there any problem I need to know of as regard the affair of the Kingdom?

PRINCESS ADESHEWA: (motion that he’ll be quiet) There is nothing to fear or panic over, am just gathering facts and figures so I can understand some vital issues beyond the borders of Moroyin, who knows, they might be of help at any point in time. So, tell me if you know of what I ask of you (smiles)

OGUNJIMI: (clears throat) Very well then your Highness, from the border of

(1) Moroyin’s Kingdom to the south; beneath the Ikilo hill lies our own Okuta Mountain, and Ejawere river to the north, then to
(2) Jakunmo Kingdom where you have Asepe mountain and Iwerere River, after that is
(3) Koragbe Kingdom with Odumori mountain and kishipa river, thereafter is
(4) Ilu-Pupa owing the Osu mountain and Oyindun river, further to the east is
(5) Egbedegbe Kingdom with Moogbayi Mountain and Opirin river, and there is
(6) Lapite Kingdom with Ogedengbe Mountain and Gombo river, and the last of the seven is
(7) Kirakita Kingdom; most feared and regarded for their skills at war and trade (sigh)
To them is the Firigbon Mountain and Jalonibu  river. (look into her eyes) My days of adventures, war and festivity has bequite on me this gift, and Eledumare supported it all with retentive memory (bows) hope my words has been of help your highness?

PRINCESS ADESHEWA: (applaud) am amazed by your intelligence and accuracy, I cannot but commend your mastery and intellectual details, you’ve done me well and I won’t forget this that you’ve done for me this day. That will be all for now, hurry along; your men wait for you, and we will be here to receive you too as soon as you enter with jubilation (turn away and left him staring)

OGUNJIMI: (sighs) what a beauty! Am sure the gods envy her. I’ve never been so moved by any other, she always bliss me calmly with her gorgeous presence, she is all I think to survive through all battle (shake head) if only eyes can see through the fibres of my heart, if the moon can penetrate the cocoon of my mind, you’ll see how much I yearn and desire (look towards where she walk away into the chamber) Princess Adeshewa! My heart beat (walk out in slow steps and lost in thought)

Adeshewa ooooo
Weakness of a mighty man
The envying competitor of the gods
From kukubi to Asiribi’s clan
No damsel in record matches even to your toes

Adeshewa ooooo
Of the poison in your heart, we know-
Of the sadness that rage within, we know-
You have it all, but not all, what’s left, we know-
But the answer to the puzzle, time will tell
We also know you also don’t know

Beat the wild drum
Let’s sing and hum
Tame the wild heart
Make a new start Adeshewa!
Orekelewa! Adeshewa! Arewa! (Beautiful)
Dudu osun (black bleach),
Adun’maradan (glittering ebony)
Adeshewa! Ireti Moroyin! (Hope of Moroyin)

O hear this tale of a damsel,
who is Fragile like the fowl’s egg,
The one beneath a village hill,
Her bossom she forbid all but one,
The one who lives in her night dreams,
This fearful thought beset her mind,
O damsel down a village hill,
When will that man of your dream come?
One to rule Moroyin’s Kingdom
One to rule your most precious heart

****music stops****

(Curtain Falls)

(to be continue…)


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Eclipse Prime

Eclipse Prime







KING (Adeferanmi)
SEER (Ifatoki)
WAR LORD (Ogunjimi)
Proverbial Royal Attendant (Shodimu)
Princess (Adeshewa)
Village Thug (Dikudi).

– Other characters or casts may be added in the cause of the story too.


(****Curtains reveals him****) Salutation to all; villagers of Moroyin. Dwellers beneath the hills, blessed by Eledumare; with vegetation, games and fishes. Look and see, something comes upon us, see it emerges with filt and beauty. Call Shodimu to go spread the news, and on his way back to the palace, bid Ifatoki to pay a visit. Its no time to sleep when the roof is set ablaze with a great inferno. (Leave)

(stage reveals the King seated on the throne, and Shodimu behind him blowing a gentle breeze with a big raffia fan as Ifatoki walks in)

IFATOKI: Kabiyesi o, your royal highness, the mighty lion with mane of golden fleece, may I know why I; Ifatoki, the eyes of the oracle, the great seer of Moroyin kingdom was called to your noble grace, because we all know fireflies only dazzles at night? (Bows in homage)

KING ADEFERANMI: (sigh) The crown head greets you too Ifatoki (adjusted well on his seat) I am worried, I am sad. It is the joy of a farmer to see his plantations bearing fruits, yet my one and only tree has refuses to shelter me. Adeshewa is ripe in age yet refuses to marry. (frowns) she turned all suitors down, even noble men from great kingdoms far and near. imagine, who will ever not wish for the prince of great Ilaporu for an inlaw, can’t describe how she insulted them when they came asking for her hand in marriage. (his countenance sag all of a sudden) please Ifatoki, help me. Consult the god of all knowing, and perhaps our eyes might be pointed towards a direction (rest his back on the throne seat, looking sick)

IFATOKI: Your highness, you have indeed acted wise to seek Orunmilla’s divination, (founded himself a seat and brought out his calories and his divination tray. he began consultation.) Your highness, Ifa has spoken here is the deal “Oh great King of Moroyin hear what the divinity of our ancestor says; for the treasure will be lost, subjected under a mighty hand that deprives the night of rest, but it will be found again. Let the crown temper mercy with justice, for only then will two heart be joined on the day when the sun marries the moon”, this is what your seer have seen and heard, this is what I; Ifatoki receive of the gods for your highness, nevertheless I will request that we send for Princess Adeshewa, the gods have few words for her. (Bows in homage)

KING ADEFERANMI: (puzzle by what Ifatoki just said) the gods speaks in parables and they never stops to amaze me. How, tell me Ifatoki, how can the sun marry the moon, who else in this land has the wit to subject a treasure than I; King Adeferanmi? You speaks the possibility of things so uncertain, or rather so impossible. what could you be insinuating by all this things? (look behind at Shodimu who was fanning him in slow rhythmic manner) Shodimu; the proverbial cock! what have you to say to this that Ifatoki thus speaks?

SHODIMU: Kabiyesi! Long may you live to rule this kingdom (Bows). Of what you ask, who am I to give words before your supremacy. Fine is this head on my neck, never so good for the royal blade. (Bows again) If yet I may speak however, Your Highness, the eyes that see tomorrow tell of a coming rain today. Who is yesterday to raise voice in objection? The gods direct on paths unknown, who is mortal man to refuse to follow? Orunmila thus gives us his wisdom, only our patience and trust is needed, sunlight shall soon cast upon the shadow of the night. Let’s take heed Kabiyesi, and tread with caution. Orunmila has never failed us. Ifatoki the great seer has also never lied to us. Permit me to call upon Princess Adeshewa. The gods have a word for her (bows yet again and leaves the King’s presence.)

KING ADEFERANMI: (sighs) hmmmmmmm! indeed wisdom is welled up in you, settled like a fresh palmwine in a calabash. what you speak holds truth in it, please hurry, call my belove Adeshewa (watching Shodimu take his leave) tell her the Chief Priest have few words for her from the gods. (Shodimu rush out beaming with smiles. The King faces Ifatoki) Great Seer! truly your words holds mystery, but we will be cautious in approach and watch out for signs you speak of. May the gods of Moroyin help us all. Nevertheless, I still want Adeshewa to marry as soon as possible, I don’t have eternity at my beck and call (shakes his body)

IFATOKI: Your Majesty, the supreme commander of Moroyin kingdom, the great ruler whose reign grace the land with abundant peace, I beg you honour the wisdom of your lowly servant; Shodimu, he has indeed advised you most wisely. Orunmila helps those who help themselves, and blesses those who trust and listens to him. So I plead your highness heeds to the divination and honour ifa’s proclamations. I will plead that we offer a sacrifice of clear vision and understanding, of a white ram, palm oil, wine and bitter kola to Orunmila to appease for utter favours (bows) Kabiyesi ooooo! (Princess Adeshewa walks in, the aura that accompany her is of grandeur and elegance. She is a rare beauty; charming and absolutely beautiful. But Shodimu was nowhere to be found).

PRINCESS ADESHEWA: ( Approach from the rare in her majesty, coming from inside the royal chamber. She has beads of various shapes and sizes adorning her gorgeous person from the crown of her head to the toes of her feet; beaming with smile fairer than the early morning sun rise). Greetings the great seer; the eyes that sees beyond this realm, carrier of messages, bearer of the gods tidings, I greet!. (Walk up to the king, went down on both knees, hands locked together and twisted around in a manner of bearing a gift). I greet you Kabiyesi, may your reign be long and favoured by the gods, May your time suit all; native and aliens alike. Father, Shodimu said you have a word, here I am your majesty (bows to pay a homage and then took her rightful place beside the king to the left, on a seat lower but adorned with fine fabrics).

KING ADEFERANMI: (beaming with smiles) Oh Adeshewa! No one praises better, how soft and comfort filled are the words from your petal lips, you bliss the heart with gladness. Welcome my beautiful Adeshewa (watch her took her seat beside him) Indeed Shodimu is right (look about for him, but he was nowhere to be found) and where in the gods name has he gone to? (turn to face Adeshewa) Anyway, dear daughter, Ifatoki have words to say to you from the gods, you have a message from them. (smiles)

IFATOKI: Welcome Princess Adeshewa, fairest of all damsel in Moroyin, your beauty marvels the stand of men. Welcome! The gods bid their greetings as well (smiles, and re-arrange tools), pardon my insisting you must be called upon, Ifa insist a message must grace your royal ears.

PRINCESS ADESHEWA: (chuckles) oh great seer! Speak on, it pleases me so to be favoured with a message from the gods, am honoured to have been a thought on their minds. What would they have me listen to, I can’t wait, speak great orator of the gods, speak quickly, Adeshewa can no longer wait (she brilliantly say, beaming with smiles)

(Shodimu stormed into the palace, sweating profusely as if an evil spirit is after his live. He was panting and cannot find words to express his ordeal, not before his breathe can give him the Privilege, an hefty man; bare chest and three-quarter buba (a yoruba native style) short bounce in looking scary and filled with anger. Shodimu did not wait to say anything, find refuge behind the King quickly)

KING ADEFERANMI: (angry) What disrespect is this Shodimu? You think you can just pounce in on us as it pleases you (look towards the door) and who is this arrogant son of a woman that’s after your heels?

DIKUDI: (twitched brows, darted eye carelessly across the massive room as if he was unsure of where he arrived) Kabiyesi! I greet you (look at Ifatoki) and I greet you too old man, messenger of the gods (turn to the King again) I do not come for an uproar but to lavishly bare my petitions before grabbing matters with bare hands if perhaps words fall to deaf ears. Before I begin Kabiyesi, let me mention that If my beloved mother who have joined the gods were as arrongant, she would strike the mouth that branded her beloved son “arrongant.” Now to the matters that brought me. Is it not known to His Majesty that the hills and caves of Okuta legally belonged to Ojediran from whose loins I am a progeny? How have your visionless workmen who toil all day in fruitless search of precious stone barge unwarranted into another man’s inheritance. Whether their intrution was at your behest or they acted on their own accord. I warn that they refrain for if a hen is robbed of its chicks, it is bound to fight at least with its beaks and blunt claws. (Turns toward the exit to leave and drops a comment for Ifatoki) I hope you will not get the gods drunk with jar of wine. (Lulls and says) I do not know what caused him to flee (referring to Shimodu). He beheld me coming and began a race.
SHODIMU: Ah! What insult. May flies feast on your stinking mouth. You must be an idiot to stand and express gibberish talks before the gods.
IFATOKI: (frowns) Ah! What madness has befallen you young man! Before the headcrown, you choose to raise voice, do you want to rot alive? (Hiss) and for your insult upon me (jaw drops) How dare you, Dikudi or what evil name do you bear? Do you want Iku to meet you unaware? Know where you point fingers else you’re deprived of it. I remain Ifatoki the great seer, Orunmila divine orator, I bear his messages so his favours, I could request for his wrath upon you, therefore take caution now Leave and be gone or you’ll sieze to live any longer (dips hand into leather porch).
PRINCESS ADESHEWA: Awu! Before the King and gods? This man must be dealt with, where is Ogunjimi? (Furious)
KING ADEFERANMI: I refuse to be insulted by a mere thug (stand to his feet in rage) where in the gods name is Ogunjimi? someone call me Ogunjimi now (fidgets) I won’t condone this, never (rage out of the court) this is Preposterous!
(Silence falls upon the court as they all watch the King exit in anger. Dikudi in his own pride couldn’t help laughing as he walks out too) ************CURTAIN FALLS*************

(…to be continue)

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  1. Image(Silence falls as all eyes are affixed on Baphomet)
Baphomet: (Rises, takes a bow and sits) Great One! I have infiltrated the entertainment industry as asked. The music industry for example. Anyone who doesn’t acknowledge you in their songs would not achieve fame. Most of these songs employ vulgar and offensive wordings and these evil songs hit the markets more as the demands for them are overwhelming. I have inscribed hidden messages in the lyrics and videos of these songs. I made it so subliminal that they live it without realising it.
Old Dragon: I see
Baphomet: Imagine being in a place of religious worship and the lyrics of these songs play in your mind. At that moment, a vital word from the preacher is missed due to the momental distraction. The videos have worked much more compared to the songs’ lyrics. The picture of a half-naked female act or a sexually explicit scene; imagine such being recalled in one’s mind during such religious session. I could list the endless effects of these songs. The addictive nature of these songs for instance;Men would never live a day without them. Some, rather than pray when bored or discouraged, would resort to listening to them as it gives them a sense of relaxation. They have unknowingly substituted them in the place of their maker thus making it their idols.
Old Dragon: Great works I must say. My ears twitch to listen to your works in the movie industries.
Baphomet: My Lord! I have done great works in the movie industry. I have sneezed countless ideas of time whiling into the minds of men. They would sit for long hours watching a favourite seasonal film. They would be so engrossed that they would never deem it fit to spare any reasonable time to commune with the maker. These seasonal films are endless and men in their foolishness would try to beat one another in the race to see who has watched the most of these movies. The distance between them and the creator thus increases the more, as they are too tired to pray after watching these films. I can only think of what could happen when the bridegrrom comes and meets his supposed brides watching a movie as spartacus(lets out a sinister laugh)
Old Dragon: Foolish humans! It has never occured to them that these movies will make many of them miss the rapture. Weldone! I am interested in the works in Nigeria. They are a very religious people and it scares me
Baphomet: My lord! My agents have done well. Countless distractions have been poured out on them. The songs, seasonal movies, Nollywood movies,and most especially ghanaian movies. Most Nigerians now prefer the ghanaian movies as the sexual acts are more explicit. They bare it all, flesh and curves. It is only a matter of time before we take over them.
Old Dragon: (Sighs) I would love to know how far you have fared with the social applications too.
Baphomet: The agent in charge is striving realy hard. By the next meeting, we should have quite a story to tell,my lord.
Old Dragon: A toast then, to our good works. (Raises chalice)

(Chalices clink and all men drinks as eerie theme plays backstage. Old Dragon leaves through the backstage door and is followed by others,one after the other. Curtain closes)

BY: CoxsonTijani David Gascoigne (Ds_Hill)