NO LONG THING (David Coxson)

Posted: February 3, 2015 in Tales
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no long thing

”Dem say make I come back come collect change o.” He says handing me the bottle of coca cola.

I can’t help but smile as I have him lead me to the woman. If it was another day, I could have let it pass. This happens to be my last penny, and I am not ready to let anyone hold on to it. I look at Abboy and chuckle.
Smart kid!
I was twice as smart when I was his age.

His face flushes.

I deduce from her explanation. Boy buys an item and runs off before woman comes out with the change. He tells the sender there is no change yet, hoping it becomes a forgotten issue. He goes back after a while to claim the money. He made a mistake along the line, however. He chooses the wrong man to trick.

How did I find out?

At his age, I was a genius in that field.

PS: Sorry Kid, I’ll make it up to you someday soon. Not today. I must pocket this 100fcfa change. It’s all I’ve got.

David Coxson



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