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TWICE IN A PLACE (Moses Olarotimi)

Posted: February 3, 2015 in Tales
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twice in a place

Somewhere in the rural part of Yola State, the sky was heavy and ready to cry. The trees merry in delight as the wind majestically walked through the terrain.

‘Azizat! Azizat!!’ She called.
‘Yes Mama,’ Azizat answered.

The charcoal stove was in her hand as she made for the door.
Thunder struck the second time. Thought it never hit same place twice, but there on the short wooden stool was Mama Azizat’s lifeless body with two holes. One on the fore head, the other on her left breast, it came through the back window.
“Maa…m…aaaa!” Azizat screamed. She dropped the stove, it fell and the hot coals scattered about.

I had imagined the whole event to play out like that.
It was a sad one to imagine.

“The hut was burnt to ashes…” Said the news-caster.
“Two burnt corpses were found the next morning by some villagers. The young girl, and the woman with two holes. One through the head, the other through the chest. They died while writhing in agony. The thunder struck twice in the same place,” she concluded.
The sight was gory enough as the picture came on the screen, I went to bed without dinner.

On my bed I asked, “what ill had nature with the two helpless villagers? Or was it God’s handy work, Or perhaps just one of those random accidents to curb mortality rate?”
I slept in the hard arms of a million thought.

Moses Olarotimi (Sheyzznote)



NO LONG THING (David Coxson)

Posted: February 3, 2015 in Tales
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no long thing

”Dem say make I come back come collect change o.” He says handing me the bottle of coca cola.

I can’t help but smile as I have him lead me to the woman. If it was another day, I could have let it pass. This happens to be my last penny, and I am not ready to let anyone hold on to it. I look at Abboy and chuckle.
Smart kid!
I was twice as smart when I was his age.

His face flushes.

I deduce from her explanation. Boy buys an item and runs off before woman comes out with the change. He tells the sender there is no change yet, hoping it becomes a forgotten issue. He goes back after a while to claim the money. He made a mistake along the line, however. He chooses the wrong man to trick.

How did I find out?

At his age, I was a genius in that field.

PS: Sorry Kid, I’ll make it up to you someday soon. Not today. I must pocket this 100fcfa change. It’s all I’ve got.

David Coxson