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Izy...the fellow
Izy noticed that just in the space of a year things had changed. Most shops and the spaces outside them were now burglar-proof, all complexes that had free and open entrances before were now fenced and had gates, the eateries and restaurants that used to supply daily meal for Izy and other fellows like him were either no more functioning or now charging an amount for the left-over foods. It was more difficult for Izy to get a place to lie at night and something to put in his stomach.

New Year’s Eve (2012)
Izy was at the school; that self-same school where the most interesting event of his life took place. At least some things had not changed- the school still had no fence or gate. He stood at the spot he thought to be where he stood that day while waiting for the goodies to reach him (after he had asked the woman with two children what was happening there).
He walked away from the spot with thoughts of the woman and her hungry-looking children in his mind. Well, he just hoped they were better off than him.
While touring, Izy sighted some movement at the far end of the school. It looked like someone was doing something they should not be doing there, for the person was looking sideways hurriedly while doing whatever it was that was been done. And since the school was not fenced, there was a lot of thicket at that far part and Izy could only see the person’s back which made it difficult to say if it was a man or woman.

To avoid been seen, Izy hid in one of the classrooms that had a window overlooking that part of the school and he watched carefully. After a short while, the person stood up from a squatting position and looked all around again. Then Izy saw the person walk away, trying not to run but at the same time not going for a stroll.
The person had to walk by the classroom Izy was hiding, to get out of the school environment. Izy quickly bent as low as he could to remain undetected, but raised his head a bit to see if he could catch a glimpse of the unknown one. He however was a split second late for it was only the side of the passing figure that he saw- the person already walked past Izy’s eye range. Going towards the classroom door to peep would definitely be a giveaway. So he decided to wait till he was certain the person would have gone far away.
After waiting for what seemed like five decades to Izy, he got up and went out of his hideout, stretching his legs and arms. It was already getting dark. Judging by the setting sun it was probably about six o’ clock, maybe some minutes after six. Anyway, Izy had a greater concern for the satisfaction of his curiosity than what time it was. So he walked to the deed point, looking around and especially behind him as he went.

When he got to the place he looked behind one more time before squinting to observe what happened there. Carefully, he used his hands to part the overgrown weed close to him and saw a mound of freshly dug sand. He squatted to observe closely.
He was thinking of leaving the spot and ignoring whatever it was, but he just couldn’t do it. He could not help but satisfy his curious mind. So he looked behind him again to confirm he was still alone and not watched before he started putting the sand away. It was really getting dark and Izy could barely see what was in the shallow hole after he was done putting the sand away. He put his hand in the hole to feel the substance- it made a nylon-like sound. He then felt what was inside without opening the container.

“Hey! You for there!”
A very bright light suddenly came on, straight into his eyes, and that was all Izy could see. Oh no! It was not going to be funny if that was the person whose property he was prying.
“Who you be? Wetin you dey do for there? Who you dey find?” the man bombarded the poor boy with questions, leaving him confused on the one to answer first.
Izy started walking towards the man as he wanted to explain what he was doing there.
“Stop there!” The man shouted, swinging the source of light in his hand as a warning sign.

Izy was scared. He didn’t even know who the person was and how to address him. The man made sure the bright light was on the scared-looking boy.
“I say wetin you dey do for there?” He asked again and did not wait for the boy to answer before he shouted, “Julius come o!”
Izy knew then that he was officially in trouble. So there were two of them? Or even more? He knew he had to do something fast.
He swerved to the left, the light followed
He swerved to the right, the light followed again, as quickly as possible.
Izy could hear footsteps from behind the light. He couldn’t see though; the light was blinding. That should be Julius.

There was silence for a while
Then things happened so fast and at the same time.
“Uncle Julius let me explain wha-” Izy said, cut off by the sound of a cocking gun.
A ‘bang’ sounded from somewhere not too far.
Izy felt movement on his neck. He swallowed hard. He was too scared to even cringe.

#Talesmen Literature

  1. Dave says:

    Izzy na real cause-trouble o. Always in one mess or the other. What a clever way to end a story!

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