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I carelessly swiped my sword, cutting bales of air. My martial art skills eluded me as I struggled to avoid death. It stylishly gadded towards me, so confident before my timid self. Moving closer towards peril, I courageously summoned the vim to conquer; a desperation to win the duel. It acrobatically descended on me, knocking me down as the sharp edge of my sword missed its pate. The hilt i gripped fell off my wrist. ‘Oh! This creature isn’t real!’, I cried. It wasn’t like I missed the attempt to cut off its head but my sword went through it as if it was cutting through space. It was as though I had struck at nothing. I concluded it was the conjuring job of the witches. They must have carved this Chorduo with their metaphysical grit to execute their evil cravings.
It closed up on me as I lay on the ground. It seemed ready to pounce, tear, skin and suck my blood. At this point, I sighted its manhood. It was long as that of the horse. I cursed and thanked the gods I wasn’t a dame. The stiffened rod would have penetrated my holes. I kicked the penis so hard with my strong foot. It squeaked. ‘Even Chorduos feel pains?’, I sneered. It did some acrobatic stunts backways as it flew into the sky and escaped. I quickly advanced towards Daram;shook him vigorously. “Kill it, kill it”, Daram screamed. I proudly grinned, pointing skywards. “I already beat him to fleeing. “He regained full fitness and to his utmost surprise, his gaze followed my hand as he saw the Chorduo fly away. Before he could utter any statement, I pulled him up. I walked him over to where my sword laid, blood stained.
“Your Highness. Your bravery saved us all. Thank you so much.””Daram. It is part of my duty as a king, let’s forget about it. How many people are still alive?” “Your Highness. I think…” ,he replied as he walked across the plain to do the counting. “Twenty-five are fine and the remaining fifteen are injured.””That’s good, Daram. Not bad at all. Assign a man with only a bruise to contact the emergency troops for proper burial of the dead and aids to the injured.”  Daram and I afterwards advanced on our journey-just the two of us. Getting to the gate of Oakshire, a harsh gale blew on us and blinded our sight. I struggled to regain it as i yelled at Daram. He could not see a thing as he screamed and brayed like a donkey.

After something had hit our pate as we fainted, I regained consciousness in a hall where i noticed reverberations. With sight not yet regained, I yelled and my voice was all over the hall. Then I heard Darams’ too. ‘Forgive! Forgive!! Forgive!!!’ A silent underground voice was suddenly heard. The aura of the hall had suddenly changed like an heavenly presence was there. My eyes itches and it hurt so bad I cried. I heard Daram’s lamenting voice too. We sure were both in distress. Suddenly i saw a lady dressed as a Sibyl, welcoming me. I could now see,  ‘Hurray!!!’ I shouted and so did Daram. A Sibyl with a white face she was. She carried light fancy steps towards us. “Luda!” Her sweet voice was alluring, I was most shaken by the name she called. The last time I heard someone call me by the name was thirty years ago before my installation as the crown prince. I was still trying to gain composure when her voice sounded again. “Xenon gods agreed to assist, to restore the pillars of peace already destroyed by your forefathers. A royal blood is however needed to be sacrificed”.

After the princess had been lost to this dark moment, I was only left with a prince who already was part of an envoy to Iotra kingdom, a sign of peace after the ‘salt war’ three years ago. I thought briefly,’I am too young to die now.’ Daram was watching;which option would I go for,he must have wondered.”More than a thousand beaux dwell in Altra kingdom. I can converge some to your chamber to produce another heir”, Daram said. i looked straight into his eyes, though he felt pity for me yet he wanted me to sacrifice my only son. I was not the kind of father that would in lieu of my bloodlines chose glory and honour.

“I am prepared to lay my life!” I replied,unsure if it was what I realy wanted to do. Daram tried to speak but he realised how unwelcoming my gaze was. Two monks approached to lead me into the redemption room. Daram drew out his sword and took his offensive stance. I however insisted I wanted to follow them.”Tell the people of Altra. Good people die young. I do not want to be forgotten in history. Inscribe my name in the legendary frame of fame.” Few drops of tears rolled down Daram’s gloomy face. He sat still as i was accompanied to the take-away room. I was ushered in as i waited patiently.”It’s done”, the sweet voice of sibyl reached me where I was. And the cackly cries of Daram followed. I knew he must have been in anguish and dolor at that moment. Instantly, I started thinking of every bad thing I could think up. perhaps I was already in heaven or about to die. I became so afraid. Then I heard the Sibyl order them in to pack my remains. I stood thinking I was a spirit and would perhaps see my lain body. I saw nothing. I laid down again thinking I was not  properly out of my dead self.

The monks entered while i stood from my lain position again. They must have thought my soul was just about flying upstairs when they saw me still alive. Out of fear, they’d rushed out. The Sibyl walked in, mouthed some spells beyond my scope and ordered me to remain there. A couple minutes later, she called me out. “I saw a royal blood already shed. They agreed to settle for that. You are thus now free of all magical creatures.” She left through the fancy doorway of pergonic structure.  I was so happy. Daram had forgotten I was the king as he held me in a tight embrace. “Good people die young. Still I rise”  was all I said as we journeyed back home. Setting feet on the Altra kingdom;the young, old, aged, able and crippled had all gathered outside to welcome their supposed great king. My legacy lived on ever after.


Story By: Abd-Hamid Dent Abd-Afeez

Written By: Muchos Callidad Psychadelic


  1. nice work, nice piece, nice concept

  2. De Broglie says:

    Nice read.

    • talesmen says:

      Thanks for stopping by to read, hope you’ve been entertained by it. Feel free to recommend us to your friends, we’ll love to hear from them too after they have enjoyed our interesting piece. Thanks

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