A WITCH OF AZUZO 3 (By: Nnaemeka Chukwukezie)

Posted: June 22, 2014 in Talesmen Series
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“We must run Tasara, we must; the men are more than we can defeat,” cried Odunda to Tasara who was charged to arm with his blood dripping sword, ready to take vengeance for his left arm. He knew no more than battle and victory.

The crew was set on a flee except for Tasara who dragged their feet by his thirst for the blood of the sudden attackers. Iowa looking back, realized the mob had descended on Tasara, retracted to aid him and thus Timbi followed and Odunda was left again to lead the ladies into a seeming hide. Odunda yelled that at the end, they will answer to the king, citing that their escort was for the safety of princess Sekite, no less. Engaging this vast mass instead of seeking an escape rather brings closer the danger they sort to evade. With just three men of Ramoja staged in conquest with countless swords, Sekite once again unleashed her hidden tact of archery – a skill she gathered from her Hunter-lover in the good days – abating the count of their opponent at every shot. Odunda watched dumbfounded at her accuracy of target. First ever in the history of Ramoja had the daughter of a king emerged a fierce warrior.

The turmoil raged a little long till the Ramojans were brought to their knees with Tasara, Iowa and Timbi forced to kneel at the mercy of their enemies. Sekite along with her maid and Odunda was fetched from their covert position with intention to slit their throats in repayment for the lives they took but the leader of the mob halted the executers as they placed swords to the gut of the Ramojans.

“They will serve some purpose,” he said, especially this one; the archer – he said with regards to Sekite.

“Bind them,” he ordered “and ensure they do not arrived with eyes open.”

The Ramojans were thus bound and blindfolded with a piece of garment tied around each of their eyes. They travelled long before arriving in to a hubbub of songs by women, likely of ovation for the warriors who have returned home with both victory and slaves of war. They were tied each to a stake with their blindfolded eyes brimming with darkness, having stayed absent light for hours long.

A couple of moments passed before their blindfolds were untied and the first gaze on light was exceedingly blinding. Their travel had stretched through the night and extended half a day. While fastened to the stakes, the relief of sight can with the revealing of old men standing before them with one seeming to be the king. He smiled unhurriedly, observing his prisoners, and the leader of the mob that overpowered the Ramojans courteously mentioned that the beautiful lady at the extreme left was intended for the sacrifice of memedi. Memedi is a ceremony in which a maiden is sacrificed to their gods for the flourishing of the land’s agricultural yield and the myth was that it is received better by the spirits following the level of the maiden’s beauty, thus Sekite’s maid was chosen for such expense for her beauty was the glitter of their captors.

“May the gods bless Azuzo who bestowed victory to Ramoja and have chosen for themselves a worthy sacrifice,” bawled a familiar voice from a foreseeable distance.

The king replied saying “and honour to you, oh mouth of the gods for what victory would have come without your timely advice of an advancing spies?”

The both greeted in cracking laughter as the voice approached closer. Sekite, Odunda and Tasara – those who were present at the Sekite-contest – were astonished as the bawler materialized from the rays of the setting sun and it was the Sorcerer, the reason for their journey.

Now Sekite’s maid was tied to the stake half nude with her breast dangling bare and her flat tommy to full glare. Sight of such perfect creation was a lot much for the King of Azuzo to approve her as sacrifice. He immediately began nursing thoughts of nourishing himself with the tastes of her ripe organs and thus commanded that she be release, bathed, oiled and brought to his chambers for the night. Sekite thus became his suggested sacrifice for the upcoming ceremony.


By: Nnaemeka Chukwukezie (Talesmen)


  1. asktimi says:

    Jeez! Can’t believe how fate can be so twisted. Sekite is now to be sacrifice? I guess the sorcerer will not allow that, why was he even there with them in the first place or is that Azuzo? This writer sure know how to keep one on his toes in expectation. Please when is the next edition, quickly post it and get our yearning satisfied.

    Talesmen… You guys are the best!

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