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(At the palace, King Gbadegeshin, the Iyalode and his council-chiefs are all seated in deliberation. In walks Dongari; the palace head-guard with some men and Ifedunni; the village harlot)

Dongari: (breathing heavily)
Your Highness we caught her with his manhood in her mouth.

Chiefs: (chorusly)

King Gbadegeshin: what possibly could his manhood be doing in her mouth?

Chief Otun: (stands)
we should ask the man himself why he allowed his manhood to be in her mouth.

(Chief Otun sits)

Dongari: the problem is that he is deaf and dumb.

Chiefs: (chorusly)

King Gbadegeshin: If that be the case, then she should be able to tell us what this is all about.
(turns to Ifedunni)

Ifedunni: Your Highness! The act is indescribable by me, I can only show you and then you can describe it

Chief Osi: you mean to say, you want the King to (coughs) emm in your mouth?

Ifedunni: (nods three times)
that’s the best way to explain the act.

Chiefs: (chorusly)

Iyalode: (in a mocking gesture)
perhaps, Chief Osi can volunteer to have his manhood in her mouth for us to know what this act is all about.

Chief Osi: (shaking his head)
and what face will I wear before your eyes? What will I tell my wife at home, that my manhood has find succour in another woman’s hole,
(spits on the ground)
ridiculously not the one between the legs but in the head.

(Ifedunni kneels before the king)

Ifedunni: Your Highness! If you allow me, you won’t regret it. There is nothing sweeter in experience than have your manhood in a woman’s mouth.

Chief Otun: (stands quickly)
shut up your mouth! That’s total rubbish, very immoral.
(pointing to the area where his manhood is)
Our manhood is meant for only the haven between our woman’s thigh and not the mouth.

(Chief Otun remains standing)

(Dongari comes closer to the throne)

Dongari: Your Highness! If permitted, I’ll volunteer mine to the experiment, to confirm the act of this wild woman.

King Gbadegesin: (pointing at Ifedunni)
Is this woman married to any man?

Iyalode: (shakes head)
She is an harlot, her body is for any man with cowries enough to pay for it.

Chiefs: (chorusly)

King Gbadegesin: (Nodding head and smiling)
as the ruler of this Kingdom, is it not my obligation to protect my people especially from unknown events?
(Stands up)
How is this any different, I’ll volunteer to confirm this act.

Chiefs: (chorusly)
(All falls flat to the ground including Chief Otun)
(Chief Otun stands up and sounding shocked)

Chief Otun: impossible Your highness, we don’t know what this act is all about and what this woman have in plan.
(at the other chiefs)
We cannot subject our King to an unknown fate.

(Silence…slowly the other chiefs find their seats)
(The Chiefs whisper among themselves in deliberation)
(Chief Osi clears throat)

Chief Osi: exactly! Appoint any of us to do it, or better still, let’s permit Dongari to perform the unknown act with her.

(A Long Silence…curtain falls)


(Night. At Chief Otun’s house. Chief Otun is on the bamboo bed with his wife)
(Chief Otun sits up on the bed and turn to his wife)

Chief Otun: Ashake, you won’t believe what happen at the palace today o

(Ashake throws the blanket over herself)

Ashake: Not again this night, whatever it was that happen is none of my business. Spare me the tale and let me rest.
(turn her back at him)

(Chief Otun reaches for her…and in a teasing tone)

Chief Otun: What do you think of it if I ask you to put my manhood in your mouth?

Ashake: (jump out of bed putting her hand over her mouth in fear)
Ah! What ridiculous thing is that?

Chief Otun: (points at his wife)
O ho! Thought you don’t want to hear my story, hmmm?

Ashake: (knots her wrapper tightly…and sits beside her husband)
who did such shameful thing happen to?

Chief Otun: Shameful?! Ehn! She was really so confident about the act o. She kept telling us she cannot describe it except someone volunteer his manhood for the experiment.

Ashake: (claps her hands several times)
I have never heard of such act before, not when we have men like you who don’t even cut the forest between their legs, many won’t even bath for days.
(squeeze face)

Chief Otun: (stands up and un-tie his wrapper exposing his manhood before his wife)
O ho! You can’t put it in your mouth but you can beg us to deep it into that eternal darkness, that slippery hole that falls all men?
(sits back on the bed)
Ehn! Women like Ifedunni should be applauded for going extra miles to please a man.

Ashake: Awu! You mean that harlot was the one who put your manhood in her mouth?
(Draw closer to him)

Chief Otun: (sounds angry)
watch your mouth woman! I never said I was the one who volunteered, it was a deaf and dumb man she was caught with, and when she cannot describe it, the King…

Ashake: (eyes wide open)
Ah, The King!

(pull her to himself and cover her mouth with his hand and in a low tone)

Chief Otun: You better not get yourself in trouble, did I said the King did anything?

(Ashake brushes his hand away from her mouth and in a low tone)

Ashake: Who then was the sacrificial lamb for her festival of shameful act?

Chief Otun: We heard deep groans and moans behind the veil, and then the terrifying moment of, ‘it’s coming! It’s coming’, and then-
He ran out naked unknowingly, sweating profusely, Iyalode could not stand the sight, she took off immediately.
(laugh sarcastically and falls on his wife but soon stop with caution).

(Ashake pushes him away)

Ashake: Since you’ve tactically refused to unveil the mystery man who volunteered, and I hope it was not you?
(raise brow)
Was he able to describe the act?

Chief Otun: (shaking his head)
That was the most sober part of it all, he could not describe the act, he was lost for words, he just sat there looking like a dead tree.
(stands up and stretched himself like a dead wood)
And this made me to make up my mind that I am going to perform same act with you.
(sits back on the bed and puts his arms around his wife)
I want to see how it feels to have a manhood in a woman’s mouth.

(Ashake pushes him off)

Ashake: Did I hear you well?
(Stands to her feet)

(Chief Otun stands up too)
Chief Otun: Yes! You clearly heard me.
(Holds his manhood in his hand)
As your husband, I am asking you to put my manhood in your mouth, I must confirm what this indescribable act is all about.

Ashake: (in a high tone)
You must be joking!

(A sudden shout from nearby, and then follow by a bang on their door)

Iya Pelumi: (out of breathe)
Chief! Chief!! Ashake! Help ooooo, my husband has gone mad tonight.
(Iya Pelumi continues to bang the door)

Chief Otun: that’s Iya Pelumi’s voice
(run to open the door, Ashake follows behind…Iya Pelumi runs inside)

Chief Otun: (startled)
Woman why the cry at this hour of the night, who or what is after you, And why speak of madness?

Iya Pelumi: (panting) Your friend has gone mad tonight!
(Fidgets about)

Chief Otun & Ashake: (chorus)

Iya Pelumi: Chief Osi; your friend insisted he want his manhood in my mouth just as we were about to sleep for the night.

(Ashake and Chief Otun look at each other in surprise. Chief Osi emerges from a corner out of breathe)

Ashake: (hands akimbo)
What in the gods name is wrong with all our men tonight? Why this sudden sick appetite of having their manhood in our mouth?

(Iya Pelumi was shock, look at Chief Otun)

Iya Pelumi: (Speaking to Ashake)
He asked you for same thing?

Chief Osi: (surprised…and speaking to Chief Otun)
Ah! Even you?

Chief Otun: What’s ah?
(Spreads his two hands)
Am I not better than a Chief who chase his wife down the road in the night crying for the indescribable act like a starved dog?

Chief Osi: And when did our wives also start refusing the words of their husbands, did we not pay their price to do our biddings?

Ashake: (at Chief Osi)
You should be ashame of yourself!

Iya Pelumi: (pointing at the area of Chief Osi manhood)
He does not shave, that place looks scary?

Ashake: (laugh..and points at her husband)
they are all the same.

Chief Osi: (looks at his wife with disdain)
That’s not the news of the moment. If you won’t allow me, I’ll go pay the harlot to do the indescribable with me

Chief Otun: As stupid as that suggestion can be, I concur
(move closer to his friend)

Ashake & Iya Pelumi: (chorus)

Iya Pelumi: Has it come to that?

Chief Otun: They say nothing is sweeter to a man compare to the act.
(At Chief Osi)
Since our wives won’t, then we have no choice than to go pay to satisfy our curiosity with whoever will

Chief Osi: We just want to know what this indescribable act is all about, that even after the act our King could not describe it.
(cover his own mouth in shock)

Iya Pelumi & Ashake: (chorus)
Ah! The King!

(Long Silence….they all stand there staring at each other)

…………………………THE END…………………

This play is beyond the humour and the yoruba epic settings, its way beyond the sexual thought of a blowjob scenerio as it so seem on the surface, the short play cut across the sphere of life and how it affect every lives trying to figure out humanity.

I won’t bore you with long lines of seemly endless words, but the drama apply to us all in various ways.
Can you really describe how it feels when you put your all; what makes you who you are into every piece of the puzzle called life; from family, to career, education, job, religion, society, government etc? How do you describe what life put you through or throw your way?
Life is one pretty whore (Ifedunni *love {life} is a precious possession), she cannot tell you how it feels to go through her but she want us all to experience it and then make our judgement. To some the experience is fun, and others its just the opposite, but one thing is common to all- curiosity!

I bet you; as many reading this play to go back and read this short drama again, I could not also see what life wanted me to see at the initial stage of the play, but along the line the message became clearer. Life beckons to all to come have an experience of your manhood (the totality of your existence) in her mouth, so you can make your own judgement of life. Take that leap of faith, give it all. ‘Whatever is worth doing at all, is worth doing well’, don’t leave your life to chance and curiosity, to whatever your ambition is, or what move you’re about to make in life, that big step that seem so frightful and unpredictable (the indescribable act) give it all you got, you never can tell what your own story will turn out to be. It may not be the bad one, because no matter how life treat us all, we should believe its all for a bigger purpose, you may not understand it, but we are all following the pattern fate has drawn for us all- there are two sides to a coin.

Before you go crucifying the play base on your perspective, I hope I’ve been able to channel your thoughts towards a more deeper picture than your intial view of my play. Manhood in the mouth, what’s your own story, can you describe the act?

( Talesmen Literature )




I carelessly swiped my sword, cutting bales of air. My martial art skills eluded me as I struggled to avoid death. It stylishly gadded towards me, so confident before my timid self. Moving closer towards peril, I courageously summoned the vim to conquer; a desperation to win the duel. It acrobatically descended on me, knocking me down as the sharp edge of my sword missed its pate. The hilt i gripped fell off my wrist. ‘Oh! This creature isn’t real!’, I cried. It wasn’t like I missed the attempt to cut off its head but my sword went through it as if it was cutting through space. It was as though I had struck at nothing. I concluded it was the conjuring job of the witches. They must have carved this Chorduo with their metaphysical grit to execute their evil cravings.
It closed up on me as I lay on the ground. It seemed ready to pounce, tear, skin and suck my blood. At this point, I sighted its manhood. It was long as that of the horse. I cursed and thanked the gods I wasn’t a dame. The stiffened rod would have penetrated my holes. I kicked the penis so hard with my strong foot. It squeaked. ‘Even Chorduos feel pains?’, I sneered. It did some acrobatic stunts backways as it flew into the sky and escaped. I quickly advanced towards Daram;shook him vigorously. “Kill it, kill it”, Daram screamed. I proudly grinned, pointing skywards. “I already beat him to fleeing. “He regained full fitness and to his utmost surprise, his gaze followed my hand as he saw the Chorduo fly away. Before he could utter any statement, I pulled him up. I walked him over to where my sword laid, blood stained.
“Your Highness. Your bravery saved us all. Thank you so much.””Daram. It is part of my duty as a king, let’s forget about it. How many people are still alive?” “Your Highness. I think…” ,he replied as he walked across the plain to do the counting. “Twenty-five are fine and the remaining fifteen are injured.””That’s good, Daram. Not bad at all. Assign a man with only a bruise to contact the emergency troops for proper burial of the dead and aids to the injured.”  Daram and I afterwards advanced on our journey-just the two of us. Getting to the gate of Oakshire, a harsh gale blew on us and blinded our sight. I struggled to regain it as i yelled at Daram. He could not see a thing as he screamed and brayed like a donkey.

After something had hit our pate as we fainted, I regained consciousness in a hall where i noticed reverberations. With sight not yet regained, I yelled and my voice was all over the hall. Then I heard Darams’ too. ‘Forgive! Forgive!! Forgive!!!’ A silent underground voice was suddenly heard. The aura of the hall had suddenly changed like an heavenly presence was there. My eyes itches and it hurt so bad I cried. I heard Daram’s lamenting voice too. We sure were both in distress. Suddenly i saw a lady dressed as a Sibyl, welcoming me. I could now see,  ‘Hurray!!!’ I shouted and so did Daram. A Sibyl with a white face she was. She carried light fancy steps towards us. “Luda!” Her sweet voice was alluring, I was most shaken by the name she called. The last time I heard someone call me by the name was thirty years ago before my installation as the crown prince. I was still trying to gain composure when her voice sounded again. “Xenon gods agreed to assist, to restore the pillars of peace already destroyed by your forefathers. A royal blood is however needed to be sacrificed”.

After the princess had been lost to this dark moment, I was only left with a prince who already was part of an envoy to Iotra kingdom, a sign of peace after the ‘salt war’ three years ago. I thought briefly,’I am too young to die now.’ Daram was watching;which option would I go for,he must have wondered.”More than a thousand beaux dwell in Altra kingdom. I can converge some to your chamber to produce another heir”, Daram said. i looked straight into his eyes, though he felt pity for me yet he wanted me to sacrifice my only son. I was not the kind of father that would in lieu of my bloodlines chose glory and honour.

“I am prepared to lay my life!” I replied,unsure if it was what I realy wanted to do. Daram tried to speak but he realised how unwelcoming my gaze was. Two monks approached to lead me into the redemption room. Daram drew out his sword and took his offensive stance. I however insisted I wanted to follow them.”Tell the people of Altra. Good people die young. I do not want to be forgotten in history. Inscribe my name in the legendary frame of fame.” Few drops of tears rolled down Daram’s gloomy face. He sat still as i was accompanied to the take-away room. I was ushered in as i waited patiently.”It’s done”, the sweet voice of sibyl reached me where I was. And the cackly cries of Daram followed. I knew he must have been in anguish and dolor at that moment. Instantly, I started thinking of every bad thing I could think up. perhaps I was already in heaven or about to die. I became so afraid. Then I heard the Sibyl order them in to pack my remains. I stood thinking I was a spirit and would perhaps see my lain body. I saw nothing. I laid down again thinking I was not  properly out of my dead self.

The monks entered while i stood from my lain position again. They must have thought my soul was just about flying upstairs when they saw me still alive. Out of fear, they’d rushed out. The Sibyl walked in, mouthed some spells beyond my scope and ordered me to remain there. A couple minutes later, she called me out. “I saw a royal blood already shed. They agreed to settle for that. You are thus now free of all magical creatures.” She left through the fancy doorway of pergonic structure.  I was so happy. Daram had forgotten I was the king as he held me in a tight embrace. “Good people die young. Still I rise”  was all I said as we journeyed back home. Setting feet on the Altra kingdom;the young, old, aged, able and crippled had all gathered outside to welcome their supposed great king. My legacy lived on ever after.


Story By: Abd-Hamid Dent Abd-Afeez

Written By: Muchos Callidad Psychadelic




Makay approached with  exasperating exertion as he stormed into the palace panting. I was seated on my royal chair watching him dare an act of abject lack of manners. Before I could open my mouth for chiding, he had started to talk in-between his forced breathing.
‘We were returning from a hunt when a chorduo showed up, Your Highness. We……’
‘Wait a minute! You mean the real chorduo or something else?’ I replied.
‘The real one, Your Highness.’ He had regained his breath and the initial cackle in him had subsided.
‘God! I thought they were extinct. Go on!’
‘We were four, just as we regularly do our hunting.
The chorduo came from a dense morji mesh, it then gave cadence that wavered between the high shriek and the low squeak. We were frightened. I drew out my dane gun, Bolke his arrow, Mathieu also his gun and Dundee his matchet. The chorduo hopped into the air, tilted and swiveled acrobatically, it then surged down revealing its sharp pout. It was just so fast and fierce that our aim were all shaky and useless. It reached Mathieu first and plunged its pout into his heart. With its hard tubular pout, it gulped Mathieu’s blood. I made a nice aim and it caught it on its back. It screamed and squeaked in its usual cadence. It afterwards did another acrobatic and this time it caught Dundee. I and Bolke started to run, we had almost reached the kingdom’s main gate before it caught Bolke. Your Highness the Chorduo is heading our way.’
‘You mean the palace?’
‘Yes my lord!’
I stood up pacing around.
‘This is my grandfather’s unfinished business, he could have made sure he finished them then. He caused this, making us believe they were all gone. Damn him!’ I cursed. ‘I hope it is only one else we are doomed.’
‘Now we must finish this creature once and for all.’ ‘Guards! I want you to go to my war lord and tell him I need his attention here.’
‘Yes Your Highness!’ They echoed.
As they were about leaving the palace, it was to the face of the Chorduo. It plunged into their heart and sucked their warm bloods. Two of the four guards made it inside. They were totally soaked in blood. The Chorduo, re-ignited fear and unrest into Altra kingdom where they’d sworn peace would reign forever.
I sat on my royal chair wary of ideas. ‘How on earth can we get rid of this Chorduo. Now I am a prisoner in my own palace.’

The kingdom of Altra have had previous dark times, majority of which had seen the palace held in siege. This had led to the constructions of emergency exit tunnels through which an escape can be made. I, Makay and some guards escaped from the palace using the tunnel. The horrid tunnel was wall-lined by slimy cuds of mosses and dark patches of dirts, we went through it and instantly headed for the house of our war lord. Daram the war lord was a sturdy man with black dense mustache around his chin. He was at his study going through the famous Damila war stories his father wrote when I bursted into his house. He was quick to react with a sudden flush of annoyance upon his face. However, the annoyance was short lived as he forced a needed hospitality for my royal presence.
“Your Highness, what brings you here on such short notice?”
“Its the Chorduo, Daram. It just attacked my palace and killed my guards.”
“The Chorduo, how come?”
“Are you asking me? You should rather ask Makay, he found them.”
Makay moved forward with his blood-tainted war gear,
“the Chorduo was just there in the forest and it attacked us with the most outrageous fury I’ve seen in years.”
“Your Highness, our troops trained for such assault are presently on a mission in the Southern province, they combat the surge of the werewolves.”
“Daram, what are you now insinuating? That we shall hide till the chorduo feed on all the innocent men of our kingdom?”
“Your Highness, I shall arrange some men to help slow down the monster, however Your Highness, we can only buy small time because of their incompetence. I suggest you should call on the Zola to consult the oracle, he might find a spiritual end to this ordeal. As far as I know, the chorduo is originally of a dark origin.”
“Well said Daram, get the men set and get me two men to Summon Zola for me.”
“I will do just that Your Highness.”
Daram left the room and returned few minutes later with a palace guard closely behind him.
“Your Highness, I did your bidding. And as I was, I…”
“Gollu, what are you doing here. Where is Princess Tella, where’s my daughter?”
“Your Highness, she lies stranded by the entrance of the new market, we fear for her safety as that monster tears down the market, staining it with the blood of the unfortunate one’s in its path. The princess then sent me a message to inform you to arrange for her rescue. However I met the palace empty and in ruin with the very colour of blood and its stench all over it. Your Highness I was already thinking the unthinkable before I saw Daram’s men. They informed me of your seeking refuge over here. I had begged them to help us save the Princess, I knew delay might be dangerous. Your Highness, I pray they can get the Princess back here safely.”
I watched him talk all those while shuddering with a tight-gripping sense of fear. The terror of fleeing the palace was nothing compared to the gory picture of the Chorduo gulping the Princess’ untainted royal blood.
“Your Highness! Your Highness!!”
“Daram! Where is Zola. where is he, what’s keeping your men at bay? I must not lose my daughter to that monster. Arrange some more men to reinforce the men attempting  her rescue.”
“As your highness pleases.” He left the room afterwards.

By: Abd-Hamid Dent Abd-Afeez


naked female








“We must run Tasara, we must; the men are more than we can defeat,” cried Odunda to Tasara who was charged to arm with his blood dripping sword, ready to take vengeance for his left arm. He knew no more than battle and victory.

The crew was set on a flee except for Tasara who dragged their feet by his thirst for the blood of the sudden attackers. Iowa looking back, realized the mob had descended on Tasara, retracted to aid him and thus Timbi followed and Odunda was left again to lead the ladies into a seeming hide. Odunda yelled that at the end, they will answer to the king, citing that their escort was for the safety of princess Sekite, no less. Engaging this vast mass instead of seeking an escape rather brings closer the danger they sort to evade. With just three men of Ramoja staged in conquest with countless swords, Sekite once again unleashed her hidden tact of archery – a skill she gathered from her Hunter-lover in the good days – abating the count of their opponent at every shot. Odunda watched dumbfounded at her accuracy of target. First ever in the history of Ramoja had the daughter of a king emerged a fierce warrior.

The turmoil raged a little long till the Ramojans were brought to their knees with Tasara, Iowa and Timbi forced to kneel at the mercy of their enemies. Sekite along with her maid and Odunda was fetched from their covert position with intention to slit their throats in repayment for the lives they took but the leader of the mob halted the executers as they placed swords to the gut of the Ramojans.

“They will serve some purpose,” he said, especially this one; the archer – he said with regards to Sekite.

“Bind them,” he ordered “and ensure they do not arrived with eyes open.”

The Ramojans were thus bound and blindfolded with a piece of garment tied around each of their eyes. They travelled long before arriving in to a hubbub of songs by women, likely of ovation for the warriors who have returned home with both victory and slaves of war. They were tied each to a stake with their blindfolded eyes brimming with darkness, having stayed absent light for hours long.

A couple of moments passed before their blindfolds were untied and the first gaze on light was exceedingly blinding. Their travel had stretched through the night and extended half a day. While fastened to the stakes, the relief of sight can with the revealing of old men standing before them with one seeming to be the king. He smiled unhurriedly, observing his prisoners, and the leader of the mob that overpowered the Ramojans courteously mentioned that the beautiful lady at the extreme left was intended for the sacrifice of memedi. Memedi is a ceremony in which a maiden is sacrificed to their gods for the flourishing of the land’s agricultural yield and the myth was that it is received better by the spirits following the level of the maiden’s beauty, thus Sekite’s maid was chosen for such expense for her beauty was the glitter of their captors.

“May the gods bless Azuzo who bestowed victory to Ramoja and have chosen for themselves a worthy sacrifice,” bawled a familiar voice from a foreseeable distance.

The king replied saying “and honour to you, oh mouth of the gods for what victory would have come without your timely advice of an advancing spies?”

The both greeted in cracking laughter as the voice approached closer. Sekite, Odunda and Tasara – those who were present at the Sekite-contest – were astonished as the bawler materialized from the rays of the setting sun and it was the Sorcerer, the reason for their journey.

Now Sekite’s maid was tied to the stake half nude with her breast dangling bare and her flat tommy to full glare. Sight of such perfect creation was a lot much for the King of Azuzo to approve her as sacrifice. He immediately began nursing thoughts of nourishing himself with the tastes of her ripe organs and thus commanded that she be release, bathed, oiled and brought to his chambers for the night. Sekite thus became his suggested sacrifice for the upcoming ceremony.


By: Nnaemeka Chukwukezie (Talesmen)


female hunter







Ere dawn, Princess Sekite set forth on a two-day journey to Azuzo with an entourage of five men and a maid. Among the men were Tasaka – a man of valour whose prowess at the Sekite–contest was spectacular. Though he, at the final jostle was outdone by the Hunter, the King’s delight however rested on him; Iowa – the head of palace guards along with two of his best men, Timbi and Guze; then the Wise Odunda. Odunda was the king’s right-hand servant from childhood, in whose counsel and company the treaty with the sorcerer was reached. Thus, he alone apart from the King knew the way to Azuzo.


The long journey lulled for a rest at night fall, each person exceedingly exhausted. Sekite’s mind smudged with troubling issues.

“Every sorcerer possesses an anchor of their powers upon which when tampered, becomes like everyone else,” had advised her father before the journey.

“Find it and rid yourself of him. You must return!”

Rattling through these throbbed her further, wondering on her capability to such wit.

“At every increasing distance from Ramoja, I think less of myself a princess,” murmured Sekite to her maid who in reply, assured her that no distance from Ramoja will interfere with her loyalty – your Highness, “she added.”

“I command you address me henceforth as Sekite,” retorted the princess.

Their snappy but hearty dialogue transcended into sleep as Sekite’s teary eyes dulled gradually on the view of rising smoke from a quenched muddle of firewood which Odunda had earlier lighted, thinking of how her life was burning.

Dead into the night, the half-dosed princess wallowed in a certain sensation, squirming slightly in her lying position as she dreamt of a sensual engagement with the Hunter. His skilful fondling on her mammalian gland sent waves of short moans while the expedition travelled further on her lustrous thighs, en route her already moistening centre of excellency. This dazzled her into consciousness and she impulsively loaded a weighty slap on Tasara whom she discovered to own the hands that were violating her.

– “Idiot!!!” –

She mustered to the awakening of others and suddenly an object swatted into the stem of a tree at whose root she laid – it was a fired arrow. Tasara energetically made for his bow, slung a shot to the direction of the attack and a painful moan was established at its landing. It was certain he struck his target. Each man at the instance armed themselves and rampaged forward to make do with the assault while Odunda hastened the ladies to a seeming hide. The attackers correspondingly revealed themselves and advanced headlong raging with noise to jostle the combat. Men of Ramoja have been skilled with wars and considered such circumstance as opportunity to display might. Their hands moved swiftly with swords, wriggling and skipping from an opponent’s hurl.

Iowa was the first to clang his steel with that of a rival, repelled his stroke and quickly choking an elbow into his chest, then severed his head at the destabilization.

Timbi gallantly swept his opponents’ footings with a slide-kick while halting their descending blade with an alignment of metals he had fastened round his wrist, then sent spear into their loins as they graced the soil. He was known for his little gadgets – storing daggers at unexpected locations in his battle-suit as an improvised lest he be disarmed.

The skirmish seethed expeditiously with nothing less than the resounding clashes of metals and the roar of men – both of charge and of pain – furnished with blood spillage beneath the brazen full moon that glowed as a candle for sight.

Guze moved with deadly purpose, much with the flexibility of a big cat, slashing through the flesh of whatever gets on his way. He never missed the angle to sever a man’s head.

While Tasara tactfully decimated his opponent, he was outmanoeuvred by the formation a-two who invented a deep cut into his left arm – the arm that wielded his weapon – and was abruptly subverted. He struggled with both sight and balance at the continued pounding of his rivals and Guze made a quick move to rescue him, stuck his sword into the belly of one but fell at an equal response of the other who did not miss the angle of his neck. His head was left rolling on the grassy land. The already disintegrated Tasara helpless with his back on the ground only caught a cursory gaze of the deadly visage of the warrior who just robbed Guze of life as he hoisted his weapon vehemently with both hands ready to send him too to life’s beyond. Breathe flew from him and his eyes shut at that instance with one last memory – his defeat and the Hunter’s victory at the Sekite-contest. His sprawling positions at both event flung out in similar pattern.

– “uuurrrrpppp !!!” – A sharp curtailed sound spewed and his eyes flashed open and behold, his almost defeater fallen huddled by an arrow crashed into his skull. There advanced Sekite graciously with a bow fiercely perspiring – she was the shooter.

It would have been and unparalleled relief to rid themselves of such pestilential attack if they had emerged as equal as they came. They now is to be counted with one man down. Iowa and Timbi wept lavishly kneeling beside the corpse of Guze. The bond of the three was beyond mere colleagues. Odunda with his crunchy old voice advice that they continue the journey at that mid night till at least they exceed the expanse of the unsafe parameter. Thus they did, but not without honouring Guze with a burial in a quickly dug shallow grave.

Not much pace had added to their commencement before a furious stampede began to rage on. Each man charged once again, fully prepared to take the bait but the latter seemed far different. The nearing approach of the stampede revealed an endless mass of mob armed to the teeth. They were caught amidst the tumult with no better escape route.


By: Nnaemeka Chukwukezie (Talesmen)