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ACT 2, Scene 1

(Curtain lifted)
Light falls on…

*****A seat away at a corner on a long huge log of palm tree, a gouge of palm wine sits like an idol on the floor before Shodimu who was seating on the log as he sip drink from a small calabash in his hand. Three or more logs where seen around, heap of small calabash unwashed lie at a side as flies merry about around it, and at a far end, closer to where Shodimu sat was a busy lady in a rafia tent, she must be the owner of the inn*****

SHODIMU: (sips and belch out loud) what a good day to challenge the god of wine to a duo, sure me to win (sips) are there better palm wine in the world than that of this inn, Moroyin is known also not for her beauty and precious gems, but also for wine and pretty maidens (laugh sarcastically) bring more pal…pa…palm wi…win…(Belch) palm wine

INN OWNER: (from within the tent) will you seize from belching so loud, don’t you think its so disgusting? (Hiss) on such a sunny afternoon, must you add the irritating tremor from the stinking  small round hole in your shapeless head to it, even my nose can perceive how it stinks (spit out from inside the tent)

SHODIMU: (laugh) your beauty and wine compliments each other so much that not even your hordes of insult haul at me will matter (belch again) I belch so loud that I even disturb the gods, but what will they do? (Laugh) I can’t die now, no, not yet, even death knows that for sure (sips) enough dying for today, am here to drain my bitterness in this gouge of wine, so your whip of insult can be tolerated (sips, turn towards the inn) Moroyin needs no death to pay us a visit by itself, Dikudi has chosen to do its bidden (turn head away and sip some more, driving flies away from perching on his calabash) not even the King is safe anymore (sigh)

(Entering is the proverbial’s drunkard, staggering here and there, hardly can he maintain a steady balance. A gouge in his hand from which he drinks his palm wine. Tattered and smelling, flies follow from behind and he careless what they gossip behind him as they buzz about)

TOMORI: (wave his hand behind him) why are my entourage so noisy today? Can’t you all gossip silently anymore? (Turn towards the tent) my bethroted, will I still your suitor be today or perhaps you might consider me for a spouse? (Smiles)

INN OWNER: (smile) definitely not today, may be you should try your luck again tomorrow (mocks him)

TOMORI: (sips) A man who seeks a treasure from the rock most be heedless to the wailing sound of the anguished looking axe. I’ll try more persuasion tomorrow (sips) heyy! You (pointing at Shodimu) I heard you mention that the King is not safe because of Diku…diku… (Peep in the direction of the four cardinal point) let me be sure am safe before calling the name of fear (sips and sat beside Shodimu) you know who I mean. Tell your plight, a little drop of water in turn, makes a mighty ocean, will you do me the honour of telling me what’s happening? (stare at him)

SHODIMU: (turn to look at who disturbs his moment of enjoyment) ah! Its you Tomori, useless drunk ever to live (squeeze his face) be gone from here and let peace stain the troubled ground (sip his drink)

TOMORI: aw! Its really you my friend (tries to hug him)

SHODIMU: (shove him away) get away from me you rejected piece of stinking rag (slaps his hand away) who in Moroyin’s pride is your friend? Are you so losing your mind to wine that you really don’t recognize or have respect for a royal person?

TOMORI: (looks around in a fearful gesture) I hope you are not referring to yourself as been royal? (Burst into laughter) Errand fool like you, the wine must have made you start day-dreaming, its true that when a leaf stays long in the bossom of a bleach; it ultimately becomes a bleach, Shodimu! Its a shame to see you behaving like the blurry-white coloured liquid in your hand (drinks his wine) I am better than you oh messenger! Atleast am free to roam where I chose, is it same for you? Is it not from an errand you so return? (Laugh)

INN OWNER: Can you both stop behaving like ladies and talk like men, I count my earnings and I need full concentration to do so (hiss) trouble no trouble else you get it double

TOMORI: What news have you of the Okuta mountain and its saga? (Sits to face Shodimu) What has Dikudi done this time again?

Shodimu: I saw it with my own two naked eyes how he tear through them like a raging storm, none of the royal guards could withstand him and his cohorts (sip wine) they were swift and fast, with just wooden clubs against spears and swords. All the royal treasure diggers ran for their dear lives (a man run pass where they sat) see! See! That should be one of the workers, I know them from the way they dress

TOMORI: Oh! The gods bless your sight, yet I hope some day like treasure they won’t demand the same (sip wine) you alone unlike most of us who dwell in Moroyin is priviledge enough to see the mountain, except for Dikudi who is violating the royal decree all in the name of ancestral heritage. I envy you Shodimu, you must have seen enough precious stones to build an empire of fortune (move closer to him and whisper) or have you been able to take some while you visit the end of the rainbow? (Smiles)

SHODIMU: Are you out of your senses? What if someone over heard your implicating accusation, don’t you know my head may lose its neck for it? (Push him away)

TOMORI: Haba! It was just but a sincere question. It is only a killer who quickly hide himself away at the sight of a cutlass, it is only he who have tasted sleeping that can describe the sweetness of death, why feel guilty of the crime you did not commit? (Clears throat mockingly)

SHODIMU: May all this your proverb not put you to trouble someday, let me be! I come here to ease my sight and heart of the horror I saw today, and yet you’ve come here with your own war of proverbs (drinks all that’s left of the palm wine in his bowl) my time to leave this hell for my paradise is come atlast (stand but staggered back in his seat)

INN OWNER: Shodimu! I heard that o. My own inn has suddenly become your hell after you’ve exhausted your miserable moment on my sweet palm wine, thought you said there’s no better inn in Moroyin aside this one? Indeed you are a double mouthed man so very unstable, its better you take your leave now

SHODIMU: You don’t have to tell or chase me, I’ll leave your inn for you (drop some cowries inside the bowl) here is your payment for service, am leaving for my paradise, to the palace my feet may now come to (stands again and struggle to maintain balance) to my home I go, onward to my haven of rest

TOMORI: Pitiful person like you know not grave from bed. (Shakes head) between the King and Dikudi we will see how it will all end, and am so sure that we will hear the tales from your mouth (laugh)

(Shodimu staggers out as Tomori mockingly laugh him)

*****Light Fades*****


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