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Eclipse Prime

Eclipse Prime







KING (Adeferanmi)
SEER (Ifatoki)
WAR LORD (Ogunjimi)
Proverbial Royal Attendant (Shodimu)
Princess (Adeshewa)
Village Thug (Dikudi).

– Other characters or casts may be added in the cause of the story too.


(****Curtains reveals him****) Salutation to all; villagers of Moroyin. Dwellers beneath the hills, blessed by Eledumare; with vegetation, games and fishes. Look and see, something comes upon us, see it emerges with filt and beauty. Call Shodimu to go spread the news, and on his way back to the palace, bid Ifatoki to pay a visit. Its no time to sleep when the roof is set ablaze with a great inferno. (Leave)

(stage reveals the King seated on the throne, and Shodimu behind him blowing a gentle breeze with a big raffia fan as Ifatoki walks in)

IFATOKI: Kabiyesi o, your royal highness, the mighty lion with mane of golden fleece, may I know why I; Ifatoki, the eyes of the oracle, the great seer of Moroyin kingdom was called to your noble grace, because we all know fireflies only dazzles at night? (Bows in homage)

KING ADEFERANMI: (sigh) The crown head greets you too Ifatoki (adjusted well on his seat) I am worried, I am sad. It is the joy of a farmer to see his plantations bearing fruits, yet my one and only tree has refuses to shelter me. Adeshewa is ripe in age yet refuses to marry. (frowns) she turned all suitors down, even noble men from great kingdoms far and near. imagine, who will ever not wish for the prince of great Ilaporu for an inlaw, can’t describe how she insulted them when they came asking for her hand in marriage. (his countenance sag all of a sudden) please Ifatoki, help me. Consult the god of all knowing, and perhaps our eyes might be pointed towards a direction (rest his back on the throne seat, looking sick)

IFATOKI: Your highness, you have indeed acted wise to seek Orunmilla’s divination, (founded himself a seat and brought out his calories and his divination tray. he began consultation.) Your highness, Ifa has spoken here is the deal “Oh great King of Moroyin hear what the divinity of our ancestor says; for the treasure will be lost, subjected under a mighty hand that deprives the night of rest, but it will be found again. Let the crown temper mercy with justice, for only then will two heart be joined on the day when the sun marries the moon”, this is what your seer have seen and heard, this is what I; Ifatoki receive of the gods for your highness, nevertheless I will request that we send for Princess Adeshewa, the gods have few words for her. (Bows in homage)

KING ADEFERANMI: (puzzle by what Ifatoki just said) the gods speaks in parables and they never stops to amaze me. How, tell me Ifatoki, how can the sun marry the moon, who else in this land has the wit to subject a treasure than I; King Adeferanmi? You speaks the possibility of things so uncertain, or rather so impossible. what could you be insinuating by all this things? (look behind at Shodimu who was fanning him in slow rhythmic manner) Shodimu; the proverbial cock! what have you to say to this that Ifatoki thus speaks?

SHODIMU: Kabiyesi! Long may you live to rule this kingdom (Bows). Of what you ask, who am I to give words before your supremacy. Fine is this head on my neck, never so good for the royal blade. (Bows again) If yet I may speak however, Your Highness, the eyes that see tomorrow tell of a coming rain today. Who is yesterday to raise voice in objection? The gods direct on paths unknown, who is mortal man to refuse to follow? Orunmila thus gives us his wisdom, only our patience and trust is needed, sunlight shall soon cast upon the shadow of the night. Let’s take heed Kabiyesi, and tread with caution. Orunmila has never failed us. Ifatoki the great seer has also never lied to us. Permit me to call upon Princess Adeshewa. The gods have a word for her (bows yet again and leaves the King’s presence.)

KING ADEFERANMI: (sighs) hmmmmmmm! indeed wisdom is welled up in you, settled like a fresh palmwine in a calabash. what you speak holds truth in it, please hurry, call my belove Adeshewa (watching Shodimu take his leave) tell her the Chief Priest have few words for her from the gods. (Shodimu rush out beaming with smiles. The King faces Ifatoki) Great Seer! truly your words holds mystery, but we will be cautious in approach and watch out for signs you speak of. May the gods of Moroyin help us all. Nevertheless, I still want Adeshewa to marry as soon as possible, I don’t have eternity at my beck and call (shakes his body)

IFATOKI: Your Majesty, the supreme commander of Moroyin kingdom, the great ruler whose reign grace the land with abundant peace, I beg you honour the wisdom of your lowly servant; Shodimu, he has indeed advised you most wisely. Orunmila helps those who help themselves, and blesses those who trust and listens to him. So I plead your highness heeds to the divination and honour ifa’s proclamations. I will plead that we offer a sacrifice of clear vision and understanding, of a white ram, palm oil, wine and bitter kola to Orunmila to appease for utter favours (bows) Kabiyesi ooooo! (Princess Adeshewa walks in, the aura that accompany her is of grandeur and elegance. She is a rare beauty; charming and absolutely beautiful. But Shodimu was nowhere to be found).

PRINCESS ADESHEWA: ( Approach from the rare in her majesty, coming from inside the royal chamber. She has beads of various shapes and sizes adorning her gorgeous person from the crown of her head to the toes of her feet; beaming with smile fairer than the early morning sun rise). Greetings the great seer; the eyes that sees beyond this realm, carrier of messages, bearer of the gods tidings, I greet!. (Walk up to the king, went down on both knees, hands locked together and twisted around in a manner of bearing a gift). I greet you Kabiyesi, may your reign be long and favoured by the gods, May your time suit all; native and aliens alike. Father, Shodimu said you have a word, here I am your majesty (bows to pay a homage and then took her rightful place beside the king to the left, on a seat lower but adorned with fine fabrics).

KING ADEFERANMI: (beaming with smiles) Oh Adeshewa! No one praises better, how soft and comfort filled are the words from your petal lips, you bliss the heart with gladness. Welcome my beautiful Adeshewa (watch her took her seat beside him) Indeed Shodimu is right (look about for him, but he was nowhere to be found) and where in the gods name has he gone to? (turn to face Adeshewa) Anyway, dear daughter, Ifatoki have words to say to you from the gods, you have a message from them. (smiles)

IFATOKI: Welcome Princess Adeshewa, fairest of all damsel in Moroyin, your beauty marvels the stand of men. Welcome! The gods bid their greetings as well (smiles, and re-arrange tools), pardon my insisting you must be called upon, Ifa insist a message must grace your royal ears.

PRINCESS ADESHEWA: (chuckles) oh great seer! Speak on, it pleases me so to be favoured with a message from the gods, am honoured to have been a thought on their minds. What would they have me listen to, I can’t wait, speak great orator of the gods, speak quickly, Adeshewa can no longer wait (she brilliantly say, beaming with smiles)

(Shodimu stormed into the palace, sweating profusely as if an evil spirit is after his live. He was panting and cannot find words to express his ordeal, not before his breathe can give him the Privilege, an hefty man; bare chest and three-quarter buba (a yoruba native style) short bounce in looking scary and filled with anger. Shodimu did not wait to say anything, find refuge behind the King quickly)

KING ADEFERANMI: (angry) What disrespect is this Shodimu? You think you can just pounce in on us as it pleases you (look towards the door) and who is this arrogant son of a woman that’s after your heels?

DIKUDI: (twitched brows, darted eye carelessly across the massive room as if he was unsure of where he arrived) Kabiyesi! I greet you (look at Ifatoki) and I greet you too old man, messenger of the gods (turn to the King again) I do not come for an uproar but to lavishly bare my petitions before grabbing matters with bare hands if perhaps words fall to deaf ears. Before I begin Kabiyesi, let me mention that If my beloved mother who have joined the gods were as arrongant, she would strike the mouth that branded her beloved son “arrongant.” Now to the matters that brought me. Is it not known to His Majesty that the hills and caves of Okuta legally belonged to Ojediran from whose loins I am a progeny? How have your visionless workmen who toil all day in fruitless search of precious stone barge unwarranted into another man’s inheritance. Whether their intrution was at your behest or they acted on their own accord. I warn that they refrain for if a hen is robbed of its chicks, it is bound to fight at least with its beaks and blunt claws. (Turns toward the exit to leave and drops a comment for Ifatoki) I hope you will not get the gods drunk with jar of wine. (Lulls and says) I do not know what caused him to flee (referring to Shimodu). He beheld me coming and began a race.
SHODIMU: Ah! What insult. May flies feast on your stinking mouth. You must be an idiot to stand and express gibberish talks before the gods.
IFATOKI: (frowns) Ah! What madness has befallen you young man! Before the headcrown, you choose to raise voice, do you want to rot alive? (Hiss) and for your insult upon me (jaw drops) How dare you, Dikudi or what evil name do you bear? Do you want Iku to meet you unaware? Know where you point fingers else you’re deprived of it. I remain Ifatoki the great seer, Orunmila divine orator, I bear his messages so his favours, I could request for his wrath upon you, therefore take caution now Leave and be gone or you’ll sieze to live any longer (dips hand into leather porch).
PRINCESS ADESHEWA: Awu! Before the King and gods? This man must be dealt with, where is Ogunjimi? (Furious)
KING ADEFERANMI: I refuse to be insulted by a mere thug (stand to his feet in rage) where in the gods name is Ogunjimi? someone call me Ogunjimi now (fidgets) I won’t condone this, never (rage out of the court) this is Preposterous!
(Silence falls upon the court as they all watch the King exit in anger. Dikudi in his own pride couldn’t help laughing as he walks out too) ************CURTAIN FALLS*************

(…to be continue)

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  1. ~F6 says:

    A good piece in progress, very promising.
    Suggestion: do watch out for omitted punctuations here and there. And also maintain the tenses (past or present continuous). I think in drama, present continuous tense is used for the disruptions in brackets.
    More powers to your elbow.

  2. Ezeamalukwuo says:

    Great Drama, I don’t nornally enjoy drama but I really love the arrangement of poetic lines and ancestral proverbs interbedded in each line. I love this…keep it up

  3. WOW!! This is a classic piece from the Talesmen….Hush, beyond the traits I expected……I am still drunk in suspense.

    NB: Beaming is the same as smiling. Just watch it please…….

    I am a yet to be talesman.

  4. wat a creative work, well arranged and anchored….this must continue

  5. Sheyi says:

    The creativity behind this story is cool, I love epic and adventures. I’ll plead with the crew (Talesmen) to make sure this drama is seen to the end. Good job you guys are doing here, I’ll recommend u guys anywhr.

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