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horse rider

horse rider

On getting to his abode of solitude, he reminisced on the
past,reproach’d his deed and cursed the devil, ‘O you Lucifer! When
the Saviour call’d me you thus claim’d me, you deceived my Godly
wills, brainwash’d occultic art as my only wish and made my waxen
wings mount’d above my reach, though i resist’d the tempest tending to
soar’d my means and slap’d to hell all obstacles with my wings but now
the sun has caught my limbs, melting it did, you’ve tamed me to the
bosom of Pluto’s blue flame with your wit, i detest you; O devil! On
your whole; hell shall surfeits’.
Air pollution enroutes in dust as leafs rustled in the atmosphere,
courtesy of the flaps generated by the big dark wings of Lucifer, with
a fiery form adjoin’d a feral countenance. He speaks: O you ungrateful
piece of gadfly, ‘We made you be thou on earth as Jove is in the sky,
lord and commander of these earth elements, a mob worship’d you like
the moon revolves the earth poles, you do chameleon’d the sun to moon,
dry the seas for no good, enrich’d with magic that scholars ground’d
with ‘Delphian oracle’ wouldn’t dare, you fetch’d the treasure of all
foreign wrecks, utilized all to your own cunning self, conjured in
lusty grove and rank’d as a conjuror laureate in the ancient
illuminating friar. Now you spits of detesting me that announced you
to the world when Jove’s deity has renounced you. O son of man, be
good; yes, be good to your helper’.  ‘Helper! Help my foot, you call’d
this help when hell you grace’d me’, The Warlock yell’d.

‘The Rainman’ think of an escape route out of this life woes that
throes, only him couldn’t sob’d cause he already fried his tears
gland, Saddness has did overthrown his wholeself. He is gone: regard
his hellish fall, has he not sort’d for unlawful things? Whose
deepness is greater than any archive wits and has he not practised
more than heavenly power permits?. He resolved to hanging himself till
death came, for his elixir of immortality is the earth crust, as far
as he’s staying on the ground he will not die.

Seven and a day pass’d without him showing his wrathful gaze in the
community, so to prevent his angst, seven elders were delegated to
visit the he-god and be knowledged of his non-appearance. Nauseating
stench of decay’d animal flesh couple’d with dead silence hover’d the
building atmosphere. ‘Something must be wrong’, the eldest gaffer
said. ‘A cat will never have his back to the floor, how will a dog
predates the lion’s cub, so angel of death has overcame his
cowardness’, another man express’d on entering the room he hang’d
himself, so no one is above God; life persuaded him to die not death

He left behind ‘life’ itself, he left behind ‘air’ he do seized and
also ‘Leo’, the flying horse he request’d. ‘A great lesson for all
villagers’, yelled the village head, life is a big feast of banquet,
eat your portion and dont be a glutton, because no matter how big your
morsels of life swallow was, you can never finish life, you will only
eat your best and leave the rest.
The house was fenced all through with spiral-wires and made a tourist
attraction for people all over the world, to come and see the Devil’s
habitat and his flying horse which lived and lived for millions and
more year.

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