Posted: March 16, 2013 in Drama, Tales, Talesmen Series
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  1. Image(Silence falls as all eyes are affixed on Baphomet)
Baphomet: (Rises, takes a bow and sits) Great One! I have infiltrated the entertainment industry as asked. The music industry for example. Anyone who doesn’t acknowledge you in their songs would not achieve fame. Most of these songs employ vulgar and offensive wordings and these evil songs hit the markets more as the demands for them are overwhelming. I have inscribed hidden messages in the lyrics and videos of these songs. I made it so subliminal that they live it without realising it.
Old Dragon: I see
Baphomet: Imagine being in a place of religious worship and the lyrics of these songs play in your mind. At that moment, a vital word from the preacher is missed due to the momental distraction. The videos have worked much more compared to the songs’ lyrics. The picture of a half-naked female act or a sexually explicit scene; imagine such being recalled in one’s mind during such religious session. I could list the endless effects of these songs. The addictive nature of these songs for instance;Men would never live a day without them. Some, rather than pray when bored or discouraged, would resort to listening to them as it gives them a sense of relaxation. They have unknowingly substituted them in the place of their maker thus making it their idols.
Old Dragon: Great works I must say. My ears twitch to listen to your works in the movie industries.
Baphomet: My Lord! I have done great works in the movie industry. I have sneezed countless ideas of time whiling into the minds of men. They would sit for long hours watching a favourite seasonal film. They would be so engrossed that they would never deem it fit to spare any reasonable time to commune with the maker. These seasonal films are endless and men in their foolishness would try to beat one another in the race to see who has watched the most of these movies. The distance between them and the creator thus increases the more, as they are too tired to pray after watching these films. I can only think of what could happen when the bridegrrom comes and meets his supposed brides watching a movie as spartacus(lets out a sinister laugh)
Old Dragon: Foolish humans! It has never occured to them that these movies will make many of them miss the rapture. Weldone! I am interested in the works in Nigeria. They are a very religious people and it scares me
Baphomet: My lord! My agents have done well. Countless distractions have been poured out on them. The songs, seasonal movies, Nollywood movies,and most especially ghanaian movies. Most Nigerians now prefer the ghanaian movies as the sexual acts are more explicit. They bare it all, flesh and curves. It is only a matter of time before we take over them.
Old Dragon: (Sighs) I would love to know how far you have fared with the social applications too.
Baphomet: The agent in charge is striving realy hard. By the next meeting, we should have quite a story to tell,my lord.
Old Dragon: A toast then, to our good works. (Raises chalice)

(Chalices clink and all men drinks as eerie theme plays backstage. Old Dragon leaves through the backstage door and is followed by others,one after the other. Curtain closes)

BY: CoxsonTijani David Gascoigne (Ds_Hill)

  1. Emeka says:

    This certainly are the happenings beyond the eyes of men

  2. talesmen says:

    Thanks for reading this great post friends. Part III will soon grace your sight shortly. Why you wait, please feel free to entertaining yourself with other stories from Talesmen, and remember to drop your comments. Thanks

  3. Lawal R. Adebisi says:

    Good job;thrilling and reformative. More grease to your elbow. Cant wait to read part III…

  4. Deola. says:

    This is good, really. Straight to the heart – wounding darts; reformative too.

  5. waiting for part III, this part II is truer than reality even

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