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… He was slow. His matchet swung lazily in his taut right hand. In the market, the roaring horde of angry women, he was just in his own sleeping world, minutes falling apart in the flap-flap-flap of wearied mud-spattered feet. Every hour was the romance of the yellow sun but he seemed, in more technical terms, to live as a living ghost, to whisper to himself as a living ghost, to swing his matchet as a living ghost.
With him; no meaning, no verve, no start of something new, something fine; his constant unhurried walk around the market square had passed shrewdly into a drama of no sense and no one knew why an adept farmer like him should waste hours under the warm clouds in aimless walk ––but the rest was a stillborn story, a rude joke in his past. Still, he walks.
The local rifle slashed to the back of his arm was still as it was in the last three passing days, firm and cold. But in these recent times, the rifle distended too boldly, clanged against his matchet too boldly; sometimes in the drifting dusk, it would be noticed of his right shoulder to hiss tiny streaks of stiff blood. His rifle mouth would have dealt a fresh smear of hot gunpowder on his cloth and on his skin. In the case of this wanderer-farmer, not too many indigenes could boast a fair amount of knowing and none particularly crossed his way or even thought to…market and time moved too quick. In fact, the most revealing and loquacious of market women had been cut short of reputation when something was asked of the aging man-they would simply shrug in witlessness and go on to whisper to the next buyer.
‘What has become of this man?’ one man had commented; one time, he may have watched like others, stricken, but now he questioned rather placidly, ‘Does he not have a land and a hoe?’
‘Even if he does have a hoe and a land but fears the heat, at least, that hat of his still bears good fibers’ said the next woman. Short laughter. More questions than answers.
So a decision was made. A group of two hunters and three women would quietly shuffle by the back of this man one night and see to it that they concluded something about him; his pathway, his hut and perchance, his barn if he did built one. But the experience would be more intense than it would grow in words. That night, they waited to see the coming of his measured spirit, his first recoiling across their path but no such figure appeared now. Brusquely, their own anticipations only broke in a distant rifle-shot defeating the noise in anonymous peril.
In this season of plenty, it was curious toil that made each man scurry like a restive hen but in the sudden strike of such deadly shot, riding sky-high in the dark, a different horror probed the air.

BY: Samuel Oludipe

  1. Image(Silence falls as all eyes are affixed on Baphomet)
Baphomet: (Rises, takes a bow and sits) Great One! I have infiltrated the entertainment industry as asked. The music industry for example. Anyone who doesn’t acknowledge you in their songs would not achieve fame. Most of these songs employ vulgar and offensive wordings and these evil songs hit the markets more as the demands for them are overwhelming. I have inscribed hidden messages in the lyrics and videos of these songs. I made it so subliminal that they live it without realising it.
Old Dragon: I see
Baphomet: Imagine being in a place of religious worship and the lyrics of these songs play in your mind. At that moment, a vital word from the preacher is missed due to the momental distraction. The videos have worked much more compared to the songs’ lyrics. The picture of a half-naked female act or a sexually explicit scene; imagine such being recalled in one’s mind during such religious session. I could list the endless effects of these songs. The addictive nature of these songs for instance;Men would never live a day without them. Some, rather than pray when bored or discouraged, would resort to listening to them as it gives them a sense of relaxation. They have unknowingly substituted them in the place of their maker thus making it their idols.
Old Dragon: Great works I must say. My ears twitch to listen to your works in the movie industries.
Baphomet: My Lord! I have done great works in the movie industry. I have sneezed countless ideas of time whiling into the minds of men. They would sit for long hours watching a favourite seasonal film. They would be so engrossed that they would never deem it fit to spare any reasonable time to commune with the maker. These seasonal films are endless and men in their foolishness would try to beat one another in the race to see who has watched the most of these movies. The distance between them and the creator thus increases the more, as they are too tired to pray after watching these films. I can only think of what could happen when the bridegrrom comes and meets his supposed brides watching a movie as spartacus(lets out a sinister laugh)
Old Dragon: Foolish humans! It has never occured to them that these movies will make many of them miss the rapture. Weldone! I am interested in the works in Nigeria. They are a very religious people and it scares me
Baphomet: My lord! My agents have done well. Countless distractions have been poured out on them. The songs, seasonal movies, Nollywood movies,and most especially ghanaian movies. Most Nigerians now prefer the ghanaian movies as the sexual acts are more explicit. They bare it all, flesh and curves. It is only a matter of time before we take over them.
Old Dragon: (Sighs) I would love to know how far you have fared with the social applications too.
Baphomet: The agent in charge is striving realy hard. By the next meeting, we should have quite a story to tell,my lord.
Old Dragon: A toast then, to our good works. (Raises chalice)

(Chalices clink and all men drinks as eerie theme plays backstage. Old Dragon leaves through the backstage door and is followed by others,one after the other. Curtain closes)

BY: CoxsonTijani David Gascoigne (Ds_Hill)

Part 1


The stage is set. Curtain opens to reveal a room. The walls are crimson and on opposite ends are windows open to the outside. A large mahogany door leads backstage. On the stage lies a couple of reclining …chairs encircling a large round table. All are made of wood. Adorning the table, close to the edges where the chairs are set, are sets of chalices with a large one set at the centre of the table. One after the other, the men come in through the backstage.

Almost as soon as all are seated, lightning flashes across the stage and is followed by a loud roar of thunder. Like a spark, the flash metamorphoses into a man. He wears a silky white robe taped at the extremes in silver. He has a small-size silver crown atop his head and holds a huge trident. All rises as they bow their heads to acknowledge this man. He sits and others follow suit)

Old Dragon: I have summoned you here. From the four corners of the earth, the minds and foolishness of men. I have seen the good works you have wrecked. Welldone! Now, for the benefit of the others seated here, recount all that you have done to completely spot the white robes of the supposedly spotless virgins. Let’s hear from you, god of thunder and lightning.

Zeus: (Stands and take a bow) What an honour! (He then stands upright) I have infiltrated the minds of men, young and old. I have taken over their souls and they have not realized it yet. Hardly would you find a man gifted in the arts who wouldn’t pay allegiance to me. Many ways have I taken over their souls. Permit me to tell some of them while I am seated (He bows again).

Old Dragon: Great Zeus! (Lets out a sinister laugh.) You have all the time you would need. We are all ears. (Motions to him to sit).

Zeus: Thank you sire. (Sits). I have made it so in the arts that if you do not know or write about me or other olympian gods, you do not know the arts. I have sponsored numerous laudable movies and writings that have heightened their zest to learn more. Why else would they flip the books in the library, their minds bent on one that sheds more light on the greek literature. They would spend hours on end feeding their gay curiousity, taking notes and aligning them for easier understanding. I have so infested their minds that each time lightning flashes and thunder strikes, Zeus comes to their minds. (Chuckles). I have also trained other gods to carry on the trend. Amongst my proteges are Sango, whom I have sent to some south-western part of a naive country,and Amadioha to the eastern part of the same country. Time would not permit me to name them all and state the geographical parts that I have handed over to them. (drinks from his cup).

Old Dragon: Bravo! I would love to hear more. Perhaps that is all you have wrought.

Zeus: No sire. I have also left them with many mysteries to solve. The paternity of numerous mystical births. An interesting tale of the emergence of other gods. Poseidon,hades,hera,and others. Foolish humans! They would never believe that I do not exist but in their minds. Feasting on their naivety and curiousity. I should stop here, lest I consume time.

Old Dragon: You have done well! Who else shall I call upon to give account? (Eyes Baphomet)

By: Coxson Tijani David Gascoigne (D.S_Hill)